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Tutorial on Downloading iTunes player and purchasing and downloading "In the Ghetto"

1)  Go to THIS PAGE on iTunes to download the free  iTunes 7.9 player.  Make sure everything is appropriately selected or de-selected before you download.

2) Once the download of the player is complete, it's icon will be on your desktop. If the player is not already open, do so now.

3)  You will see on the page that comes up (after you have download the player) where you can click to create an account. You MUST HAVE AN ACCOUNT BEFORE YOU CAN PURCHASE iTUNES. In creating this account, they will ask you for your credit info. In most stores you click on your purchases FIRST and then give the credit info. On iTunes you must give it FIRST. Once you do this and you have your account, you can now purchase iTunes.

In the "search box" at the top of any iTunes page, type in the name "In the Ghetto" and in your PLAYER, up will come that selection for you to purchase. It costs $1.99.  When you purchase it, it will begin to download. This will take awhile - longer if you are on modem. On the left side of the screen you will see the word "download" and two little arrows going around and around. This means it IS downloading. When the arrows STOP, go to your iTunes player and click  "music videos" on the left side of the screen. It will open and there will be your "In the Ghetto" purchase. Click on it and it will open and begin to play.



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