JoAnna: I received this card in the mail after Elvis had died.  His secretary found it and said that she felt that since he had taken the time to write it, that she should send it to me. The outside of the card is a picture a beautiful tree.  This is a sad letter, but came to me at a time when I really needed to hear those words.  My mom had been praying for Elvis to somehow reach me because I was so sad and hard to reach, and then this card came in the mail.  It is hard to read, but this is what it says:

* * * * *

August 15, 1977
My dear Joanna, I am trying not to get to emotional about this thing an I guess I have been neglecting you sorta.  But really I love you an I'm trying to protect you, from me.  It seems I dont have much time left to go on an I don't want to hurt you more than I am going to.  What I want to say baby, is please remember my love for you as this tree shading, sheltering in the strong branches of love. You have so much to offer a man but don't hurry, take time. Think, be happy.  Life's so short, so hard to know what's right to do. Don't brood, and stay shut up being blue. And don't cry for me.  I've lived so long, so many life times in these 42 years an I'm ready to go home to God and my Mother. It comes as a blessing. Honey I know I am dying. I can feel it more each day as time goes on by. I welcome it. I will miss you as you miss me.  But I will always be near.  I'll try to help. I hope I have in some way been half the comfort you have been to me. If I didn't have you to remind me of what I could have had I think I would not have got thru this as well as I did.  I loved you in my dreams.  I held you in my heart, you comforted me when I was lonely an cheered me when I was blue. No other girl did for me what Joanna did for me. An I love you always. I shall but love you better after death.  Do not grieve for me, you hear me now. I want to see you smile with those sexy dark eyes. Oh Lord what a woman. I love you always, Elvis

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