JoAnna: I would like to share a poem written by Elvis to me. I had some of my things framed and sealed to protect them. This is a touching and sad poem for me. He was and still is a wonderful man. I love him. I would never think that he let me down in my eyes or my heart. He gave me such happiness. I treasure all the poems and cards he gave me me. It may be hard to read, so this is what it says:

Page 1:

"Standing there". you looked at me, me looking at you. I felt the trembling of my heart. I sang of love an being loved though we were far apart. Your shining eyes, and lovely smile sent shivers thru me all the while. Surely as you watched me child, you could see the love I longed to share. The light played games within your hair that shimmered like star light. My eyes told me they'd seen no beauty to compare- it was all within their sight. My heart trembled in my chest until it felt it would burst from out my chest. The distance lay between us like a heavy haze. My mind became a crazy maze of longing, yearning an trying to reclaim its sanity. For I knew if I jumped to you, it would be quite a calamity. How I longed as I stood there, to touch your hair and caress your skin so fair. Lord only knows the way I yearned for us a kiss to share- I looked at you and saw a life that scarcely just began.

Page 2:

I wondered how long before the day would come you'd turn from me to hide your eyes so I'd not know you'd seen the truth finally-how I'll really be. And if someday you'd lie beside me quietly and wait till I fell asleep then cry so silently. Because you'd know I'm not the man that I'd like to be. Yes I know you'd try to make me think I am. You'd do your best love's flames to fan. So I sang my song an thought along the lines I'm writing now. An my heart told me to figure it out-somehow. While my mind said NO - my heart cried yes- an Lord knows my thoughts were a mess for my body yearned for your touch. An lying here - as standing there - Lord, Lord, I miss you child - so much -


* * *

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