The following is an excerpt from a letter written by Elvis to a lady who knew him. She later gave this portion of the letter to Wanda June Hill. The presentation of the letter excerpt below was done by Wanda years ago when gifting it to a few friends. It is shown here by permission from Wanda June Hill.


I guess I am born in the wrong time period as I am out of step with my peers and the expression of my emotions. They hold everything in and suffer and I let it all come to the surface and suffer. I think its hard both have openness is good I guess. Gooder, as Lisa would say, gooder and gooder. You're a better judge than I about these type things. You asked me if I remember you. I do. I remember that early morning when we stood on the balcony and watched that Vegas Sunrise and that air was crisp and you said you loved Wintertime best. I looked at you and your eyes were like the morning glories growing around the back of our old house in Tupelo and it made me cry, and you thought I was sick, but it was just the beauty of that time...and you. So I do, and I will never forget. Just remember me in return.

Love ya,

Elvis Presley  


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