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My Personal Story With Elvis


My first in person encounter with Elvis was in 1969, when I saw him perform on the stage of the International Hotel (now the Hilton) in Las Vegas. Having been an admirer of Elvis since the age of thirteen, I went to Vegas for the specific purpose of seeing him perform. In 1969 I was twenty years old and had been involved in my mystical work for two years. When Elvis appeared before me on that stage for the first time, I knew why I had always felt such love towards him, as well as appreciation for his immense talent. In his physical presence the spiritual grace he commanded was almost supernatural. His unique persona could be compared to a fragrance - illusive, yet moving to the senses and the soul, creating a mood for further anticipation and joy. I am not always able to see auras, but I never had any difficulty seeing Elvis’. In fact, his was the strongest, most brilliant aura I had ever beheld. It was mostly shades of blue, with some violet and deep purple. Very often a shimmering white light encircled these colors. As he began to sing, his auric colors would expand, leaping up from the top of his head. Sometimes I would see Elvis’ aura merge with one or more of his singers and musicians on stage. Usually, if he would turn to speak to one, their aura would brighten. I heard stories of others who came to see him from all over the world. There were revelations of miracles among these encounters, which were miracles of Spirit more than flesh, yet I was told of some physical healings as well, which Chapter 9 ‘The Healer’ goes into a bit more. In 1972 I began to give Elvis my mystical works from the edge of the stage. I first gave him my then recently published book, Red Tree (the book published by Naylor Company in Texas mentioned previously). In it I had written a chapter on an ancient Lemurian healer by the name of Kartum. Although I did not declare it in the book, I knew Kartum to be a past life of Elvis’. Thus, inside the copy I gave him I wrote “To Kartum, in Remembrance”. I had brought the book with me to Las Vegas, intent on handing it to him, but not knowing at the time if he was at all open to anything of this nature. Then I met a young woman working in the showroom as a photo girl who knew Elvis personally. Upon seeing my book and hearing a little about my work, she informed me that Elvis was a student of metaphysics and spiritual matters, and would be quite receptive to ‘Red Tree’. That night I was able to hand the book to him from the edge of the stage, although considering my competition for his attention, it was most certainly ordained from the ranks of Spirit that I reach him. When he took the book in his hand and looked at the ancient symbols on the cover, it was as if a shock wave passed through him. It seemed to effect him profoundly. Some time later when the same young woman photographer asked him if he had read ‘Red Tree’, he exclaimed excitedly, “Oh, let me explain it to you”. At this exact moment he was promptly interrupted by some of the men who worked for him - those who were instructed not to let Elvis talk about such things if they could possibly divert him, so I came to find out later.

In future stage-side encounters, I continued to give him select esoteric material from my writings based on the source translation process. Although Elvis never in all those years spoke one verbal word to me, as he usually did to those who gifted him on stage with roses and teddy bears, we communicated on an entirely different level nonetheless, through a means that would be normally considered ‘telepathy’. At first I thought it might be my imagination, but it was soon proven to me that Elvis and I could, and did commune through this means. It was a very deliberate thing on his part. He would mentally tell me that he had to be cautious in receiving my gifts - for my sake. At the time I had no idea what he meant. I was to later learn of the darker element clustering about him, with which he constantly had to contend and outwit in order to have some experience of his own inner life. These were forces that sought, but failed, to blot out the Light in his circle of brilliance.

Elvis would mentally communicate to me at what point in the show he would becoming to receive the material I had for him. Then, at the prescribed moment, he would walk over to me. I had even ‘asked’ him in my mind to give me some signal if our communion of thoughts was truly a reality. He then looked directly into my eyes, smiled and nodded, he being only inches from my face at the time as he bent over to kiss me. I must say that while my experiences with Elvis might have been unique in their own way, I acknowledge there are many men, women and children who have shared equally unique moments with him also.

~ Maia Christianne Nartoomid (formerly Christine Hayes)


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