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The Scarf
written by Maia (as Christine Hayes) in 1979 and published in "Reflections" (Charlie Hodges' Elvis magazine at that time)

Would he look your way? You couldn't keep your mind from racing toward the possibility that you would be chosen next for the experience of his eyes. Soon the strains of 'Love Me Tender' would fade into the darkness of the crowd and your hope would vanish with it.

Then it would happen - too suddenly, too slowly. For a moment, 'now' meant everything. All the days before and all the tomorrows ahead stood still in your thoughts as time bowed down to the majesty of his immaculate form before you. That was the instant he searched your eyes and you reached for his heart and found it warm and beautiful and singing a melody just for you. A smile smothered the echo of a question on his lips and with that familiar deftness of motion he possessed, he wrapped the soft treasure about you, still fragrant from his neck; now yours forever, just as he would always be. You could feel him watching your response and you knew it pleased him to see you happy. Satisfied, he rose from bent knee and was accepted back into the world of light and music, but you knew that moment between you would never stop 'being'. What had rested briefly on his strong shoulders now found sanctuary on yours. No mere token was this. It was somehow a greater bond of love. It made no difference how many silken ropes of fire had floated from his hand to others waiting in the shadows just as you had. You knew that each exchange between him and one of us was unique. Your moment with him was yours alone, yet shared in the love each of us experienced with him.

And so the years pass and his weary body is absorbed by his flaming spirit, yet the scarf remains. Displayed in a case or sequestered in the private nook, but forever near to be seen and touched. Whenever the memory of that moment comes upon you, it takes your breath away. You are suspended with him once again. You can see his eyes telling you a hundred things about yourself you had never even suspected until then. He seems to be whispering into your heart. He comes closer and the words are clear. He's saying, "Now and Always".

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