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"Dear Wanda and family,

I am writing this on the plane so if its messier than usual you will know why-as we are over the way to Boston where they would never let me play before. thanks a kick believe me.  As I said on the phone when last we spoke, I'm no longer married, it's soon final. Funny tho'  it still feels the same to me guess it takes a while to get the feeling back of being free again.  Wonder why tis called 'free".  I felt freer married.  Don't tell any one but it just feels like fear to me.  Maybe I'm just out of practice?  Know any nice girls who'd like to practice with me?  I'm kidding. I got my 'hands full as it is' (Figure of speech)

                                  Elvis Presley

Were in a storm-   / Turblance /   (he messed up his name)
rockin 'n rollin' up/
here--- "

(Wanda: This part was on the back and I xeroxed it and attached it so it would fit one page.)
 "I'll call when we get to Providence-if you can please look up the information I wanted.  If you have time.  I'm using it now and its got some side effects I know now.  Not to bad though.  Man-this is a STORM. God's temper is up to the top. I Love it!"

Copyrighted by Wanda June Hill 78    Received in 6-74

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