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"This was written on the cardboard inside a manila envelope with black and white still photos from Easy Come Easy Go... Elvis was just beside himself over that film and hated most of it...he felt it was a 'put down' to some of his "new age" friends and also his thoughts on such things...but he did it and he did the best he could with what he had to do with. He did enjoy going to the ship and "being a sailor" for a little while out there...and he liked his co-star but he sure didn't think much of the script.  I couldn't believe he put it in writing-that was certainly one of the worst I guess, for him to do that.  We went to see it twice-he couldn't believe we would sit through it twice!  I told him we went because we could see him-I remember saying that's why most people go Elvis, to SEE you.  I recall that because he wrote that and also because he was dead quiet for several long moments and then said, "I'll try to remember that..." in a very somber, quiet voice and then he abruptly changed the subject and I thought I had hurt his feelings or something-I wasn't sure exactly what he thought.  I had the feeling though it put more of a pressure on him and I hadn't intended to do that... It was just the truth...but I should have joked about it instead or something." - Wanda June Hill to Maia Nartoomid


" More Stills. Don't go to see this, it's awful, unless you like to be sick." - Elvis

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