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The following poem was found in a book Elvis gave to one of the phone friends. It was typewritten. It would seem obvious that Elvis wrote the poem, but it is not signed, so we can't say for sure.


I don't want to get up---to face the day--She's so quick to tell me I am wrong
She and I are always here alone. She says why can't we go outside today?
Because she really wants to play. I tell her that I love her so,
But I must stay indoors today -- She says, but you don't have to be alone.
Why can't we just have fun all day? I tell her that I'm tired--getting old--
She says, Daddy, you're not growing old --it's just that you're afraid they'll be too bold.

She says Oh Daddy, come on out with me! I'll get the Jeep and we can ride.
So I get up and watch her eyes as they look at me. So full of love and trust and pride--

This, my little girl, my joy, my life - She leads me out into the sun--
And then we really do have fun. She keeps me laughing, this child of mine.
And I start to feeling really fine. She tells me, Listen...that's your name!
Come on now Elvis, we have to do your thing - And when we walk down to the street-

I know she's proud of me-her daddy- She says, it's you they want to meet!
Now daddy, stand up straight, and don't forget - hold up your head.
Remember you're the best and I'm here with you- This is better than staying in bed.
They are my friends too- and I will help you talk and we can walk -
Right to the gate-I'll show you-they really are our friends -
And Daddy, try to stand up straight - or I will have to kick you shin.

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