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El’vis (message below as translated through Maia Nartoomid) on his incarnation as Antiochus I of Commangene. It was obvious to me as I received this, that El’vis was delivering it to me in the personality and memory of Antiochus I, and not as Elvis or Rhama Azul.

El’vis on his past life as Antiochus I of Commangene

When I was born as Aladudadius (birth name), son of Mithridates I Callinicus and Laodice VII Thea Philadelphus, I was born on an auspicious day of the stars, known now as July 7th, 62 B.C. This date was called the “Day of the Lion Eating the Star.” It is commemorated in the stone carving at Nemrud Dagi (Antiochus’ religious sanctuary and tomb site in Turkey) of the lion with 19 stars, 2 planets and a crescent moon. This became my royal seal. (Maia: July 7th, 62 B.C. was given by archeologists as the date represented on the stone carving of the lion, stars and crescent, and said to either commemorate Antiochus’s birth or his ascendancy to the throne.)

I was an only child, greatly loved by my parents. I had been a twin, but my brother died at birth. Later, my mother miscarried a girl-child. I was groomed all my life to become the next king of the empire. I was also seen as a religious figure. Not a “god”, but one blessed by the gods. As all kings of my lineage it was my responsibility to “know the gods” - to embrace them within myself, so that the People would have an entrance to their power through their ruler (the king) on earth. Due to my auspicious birth at on the “Day of the Lion Eating the Star,” (Maia: some kind of massive supernova event) I was seen as even more “in touch” with the cosmic forces and thus the “gods” or powers of the universe. I thus felt a strong responsibility and duty to become the vessel or mouthpiece of the gods for my People, whom I dearly loved.

In my undefiled tomb within Mount Nemrud, the sacred things through which I was initiated into the sacred mysteries are present. They still radiate the LIGHT of the power I nourished and performed for the People. Both before and after my lifting into the stars (death) many made pilgrimage to my Place of Mysteries (Nemrud Dagi), wherein lies the entombed remains of my mortal body.


Photos below of of Nimrud Dagi, Antiochus's religious center and tomb site in Turkey.

The relief commorating Antiochus birth

The lion with 19 stars and 2 planets.

The tomb mound of Nemrud Dagi

Lion and view from Nemrud Dagi

Antiochus and the eagle

Antiochus clasps the hand of a God

Notice the "scarf" Antiochus is wearing. It bears a stirking resemblance to a scarf folded in a similar style, which Elvis was wearing informly in 1972.


Some interesting facts about Antiochus I of Commangene and Elvis Presley:

Like Elvis, Antiochus’s symbols were the lion and the eagle. Elvis’s Graceland has it’s famous lion statues. His eagle jumpsuits - especially the “Aloha” version, are well-known.

Both Antiochus I and Elvis Presley were only children. El'vis further makes the claim through me that they were also born with a dead twin.

In the documentary The Hidden Tomb of Antiochus it was stated that during his lifetime (and as El’vis states above, after his death), many people made pilgrimages to Antiochus’s religious sanctuary, Nemrud Dagi. This similar to the pilgrimages to Graceland, the location of Elvis’s grave site.

In the written history of Antiochus there is mention of an eternal flame within his sanctuary. Since Antiochus combined the Mysteries of Mithras with Greek mythology to create a “new religion,” it is understandable that there would be an eternal flame in his “Place of Mysteries,” as that is one of the symbols of Mithras, as well as Zarathustra and his follower, Zoraster, the latter two from the linage of Mithras. There is of course an eternal flame at Elvis’s grave, and at the time of his performances at Las Vegas (I don’t know if it remains), there was a eternal flame before the large electric sign of the Hilton Hotel, where Elvis performed. His introduction to his 1970's live concerts was “Thus Spake Zarathustra.”

In the photos above there is shown a stone relief of Antiochus in profile, clasping the hand of a God. He is wearing a scarf-like cloth around his neck which is very similar in style to the napkin-folded one we see Elvis wearing in the film “On Tour,” where he is with his group informally, singing gospel songs. Elvis started wearing his scarves in this manner informally (not on stage) in 1972. It was the symbolic style of a spiritual order he belonged to at the time, having to do with Melchizedek.

Antiochus is said to have descended from Alexander the Great. It had been revealed to me years before I met Wanda June Hill, that Elvis’s soul had incarnated as Alexander the Great. Years later, Wanda shared with me Elvis’s dreams about a personage he believed to have been one of his past lives that eerily fit the description of Alexander the Great. Read about Wanda’s memories of his dreams on this personage in the ELC Forums.

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