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There are quite a few "Antiochus" in history and even at least one other "Antiochus I".

However, it is the statues of Antiochus of Commagene that bears such a startling resemblance to Elvis Presley. Especially in the view seen within the article below.

It is difficult to find any tangible history on him but a few dry facts. However, doing a web search, I did find an article entitled Magi - The Quest for a Secret Brotherhood by Adrian Gilbert from his book by the same name. In this article Antiochus I of Commagene is mentioned as follows:

"I believe that this man, Antiochus I of Commagene, was closely linked with the Sarmoung brotherhood of his day. In his little kingdom on the Upper Euphrates there are monuments indicating his interest in lion (Leo) symbolism.  His funerary monument at Mount Nimrod indicates he knew a great deal both about astrology and the Hermetic tradition. In fact it gives two astronomical dates which I believe relate to his birthday and his initiation, when he received the title "epiphanes". Elsewhere in his kingdom there is a mysterious shaft, angled at 35, 155 metres long and leading nowhere. Archaeologists have long been puzzled by this but I have found that this also was intended to give two significant dates, including the "Royal Birthday" of the Kings of Commagene. This was when the sun is conjunct the star Regulus in Leo, which in that epoch would happen on 29th July. "

I find this especially interesting, since my original version of the manuscript, Blue Star Love ~ From Elvis' Heart to Yours I felt compelled to entitle Magi From The Blue Star.


PAGE TWO ON ANTIOCHUS - El'vis speaks to Maia on his past life as Antiochus I of Commagene (more photos included)

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