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Greek Statues Resembling Elvis Presley


PERICLES - known as the "first citizen of Athens", Pericles was an aristocrat, soldier and statesman behind the building of the Acropolis.


ALEXANDER THE GREAT - Alexander is largely depicted historically as a charismatic, brutal warrior and eccentric. However, there are some early historical documents written by those who knew him personally who tell a much different story. A conqueror, yes. This was the mode of life in those days. Boys were raised to not only defend in battle, but conquer territory. Some were strategically better at it than others. Yet he was also shown to have been fair, and even compassionate to his enemies (according to the early documentation mentioned above). It was also written that there had been some kind of conspiracy against his reputation after his death by those who scorned him. SOUND FAMILIAR?


APOLLO - God of the Sun, was considered to be the perfect male being.


ARISTONAUTES - nothing known on the individual. Only his grave seems to be famous.


HERMES - The Greek version of the Egyptian Thoth, God of healing, architecture and writing. As Hermes he was known as the "Messenger" and thus was often depicted with wings on his helmet and heels.


MAUSOLUS -  His tomb is known as one of the "Seven Wonders of the World".


STATUE OF A YOUTH - recovered from a shipwreck near the island of Anticythera. Notice the Elvis stance!

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