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(click on image to enlarge)

Elvis the Archetype


Elvis’ features were strikingly similar to the ancient statues of gods, patriots and kings of many different cultures. Some of the most prominent resemblances are Alexander the Great, Pericles (Orator and statesman of Greece ), King Mausolus of Asia Minor (355 B.C. from which the word ‘mausoleum’ was derived), Charioteer from the Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi, and the statues of Hermes among others. Elvis’ photographs were used as studies to re-build Old World statues damaged during the bombings of WWII. It is revealing to note that these various statues sculpted in different eras and in many separate empires of the world only slightly resemble one another, further signifying the complexity of Elvis’ features which in the various stages of his life transformed through several archetypal ‘world images’. His face, expressions, and growth of self were as mutable as were his artistic talents which grew with the advancements of the times in which he lived. Yet despite his parity with the world, he remained singular, unique, and quite apart from the symbolic archetypes he represented in our culture.

Before we go any further an explanation of archetypes would be in order. An archetype is any prototype pattern which can be repeatedly duplicated in thought or form. This could be as simple as the prototype for an object to be manufactured, or as complex as consciousness patterns. There are many different variations on archetypes. The noted psychologist Carl Jung identified many different archetypal patternings of human thought. These represented ways of thinking and behaving that humans would adopt, many times without being fully conscious of the pattern they emulated. These patterns influence an individuals perception of the world around him greatly. Carl Jung’s archetypes are those born partly of God essence, and partly of humanities own lesser variations of God essence.

There are sacred archetypes of consciousness that were created by divine beings that are much more pure. These are the archetypes that we as humans would do best to emulate. To emulate them we must first be able to identify what they are, and who in our current experience might be exemplifying these archetypal qualities whereby we might contemplate that individual, and what makes them different. It is in that light that I attempt to give the reader an understanding of the divine archetypes that Elvis exemplified in his life, and in his past lives, as they all are connected.

In addition, there are archetypal types of faces and bodies. Elvis’ face was definitely archetypal, as you will see by the accompanying photos of ancient statues. Metaphysical / spiritual principle states that ‘as above, so below’. One perspective on this statement would be that anything that exists in the unseen spiritual realms (such as consciousness), will have its counterpart in our physical world. An archetypal face that is associated with a certain divine archetype of consciousness, is an example of this principle.

In the assessment of those who loved Elvis, the one face which captured our domain and impressed itself upon our minds as the ultimate in expression of true emotions becoming beloved to our hearts, will never be duplicated regardless of whether it is through an act of God or the hand of a plastic surgeon. To look into Elvis’ eyes in the flesh was to behold a sense of balance within the delicate and often over complicated ligaments of humanity. He seemed to see beyond the horizon, and for a moment his eyes burned into yours, and you shared the vision with him. Such is the power of truly great souls. Like the Gods of Olympus there was a sense of prophetic furtiveness in his gaze, a taste of hemlock upon his tongue. Yet there was no morbid rush in him to encounter his seat in Valhalla (The final heavenly resting place for valiant soldiers in Viking mythology). It was instead a simple knowing and a faith in things yet unborn. It was his to conquer grief, to expose the tenacious rays of hope and lift sorrow from deeply embedded roots, transplanting love in the gaping hole of the unknown. In his face were engraved the fine lines of eternal youth which echoed with trust unquestioned. He accepted his future as he did his past, without regret and led by an innate understanding of his own birth and death.

From beneath the eclipsing burden of this knowing, a brilliant Sun burst forth. Elvis’ joy and humor shone because like the Sun, the soul’s natural reflex is to be radiant. Elvis’ happiness did not perform entirely as a puppet to his life experiences. His joy responded instead to the call of spirit, of one soul touching another. For this reason, no sorrow could fully penetrate him.

His smile was exquisite. The crook of his lip revealed in the shyest way a suppressed delight. The flash of teeth molded to his grin like a roller-coaster to its trellis in a perfect match. Elvis possessed a noble bone structure, the envy of Shakespearean advocates, with an immaculate hairline accenting the broad intelligent forehead. The explosion of well groomed sideburns, ending in a sweeping flourish at the peak of high cheekbones gleaned from his Cherokee blood and the boldness of his jaw, set the visual stage for a scenario of impending revelation. The wide set eyes, which did on occasion betray their fascination for blue to become tinted with smokey grays and greens, were the supreme reward one sought when gazing upon Elvis. Like a shimmering pool, the beholder tumbled into the depth of them and into the secrets of the ages they contained.

Photographer Sean Shaver in his book, ‘Elvis In Focus’ comments on Elvis’ face thusly:

"His skin glowed, and his eyes had a shine to them that I had never seen before or since in any person’s eyes. I was never able to get a photograph of him that did him justice. I have never had anyone who ever saw him in person tell me they thought the real Elvis had been caught on film.....Here was perfection in the male face. Adding to his looks was the fact that he never took himself seriously. He joked about how he looked....He was like something out of a dream....When Elvis entered the room everybody turned to see him, even those facing away from where he made his entrance somehow knew he was there. Without seeing him you knew he was near, you felt his presence.

"It was not because he was Elvis the singer but because of some invisible power he had. It went far beyond being charismatic. It was a power. It was magnetic. If others had not made the same comment I could not say it, I would not want to sound like something was wrong with me."

Even at a distance, Elvis was unique in form with his squarely broad shoulders, impressive six foot frame and gleaming hair of black satin. He possessed a special ‘looseness’ permeating his movements. He seemed in perpetual readiness to spring upon some target unseen by less wary eyes, yet this tension was suspended in the weightlessness of rhythm that exuded from his presence, whether dancing, walking or at apparent rest. Indeed, Elvis was never truly ‘at rest’ until he departed his wearied cancer ridden body on that August day. His eyes cut from side to side, alighting briefly on faces, seeming to recognize them in mystic communion. His hands could vibrate in almost violent drama, deftly piercing the air in talon-like precision, but within their power they preserved a gentleness in an always open gesture as if expectantly awaiting the clasp of a child’s hand. The legs, especially the famous left one which he shook on stage, were never completely still. There was forever sufficient motion in the left knee to cause the spray of feathered locks on his forehead to undulate in the wake of a barely perceptible tremble.

The piecing together of this collage in the mind creates a picture of a man of intelligent instinct, a discerner of the false and superfluous. We see a human with great humor and a tolerance for the weakness in others. Yet the stern set of the jaw revealed that he had little patience for his own weaknesses, and a quicksilver temper, the fury of which was more often turned upon himself than hurled at others. An inner loving very deep in his nature pervaded the tender actions of his mouth in speech or song, unveiling his gentle heart and total commitment to all things of spirit. He lent mystical insight to those who would see with him beyond the horizon. With his eyes he could make you believe he was a savant from another planet (and indeed he was!).

The marbled forms of mortals imbued with the divine are gathered in the ancient sepulchers, mute in testimony of days when magical signs and wonders wove dreams into a reality of their own for races of a Golden Age. Similarly Elvis Presley’s image is with us now, raised as an epistle of our own story in time to an age of new miracles. It memorializes a time when we began to understand the burnishing of our own flame, and how glorious it could be to dance to the music of a sweet soul who would lead us through an all too brief passage in history. He gave us knowledge of ourselves, not through divine appointment but with a stroke of human grace, knowledge of a love that escapes the encounters of lesser men. We learned in a joyous awakening, what fun it is to be alive.

To those who shake their heads in bemusement at such inspiration, I can only say that those of us who lived the experience saw the cold marble of the ancient statues come to life, the eyes quickening the cold blind stare into a living sapphire light, and the stone mouth quiver into a tempting smile. For us, the revelation was complete. We will never forget.

To view Elvis' features alongside some classical faces of the past, see my Hero of Time collage.

There are actually two main archetypal facial forms present in these statues and in their relationship to Elvis. One, as is evidenced in such statues as Apollo, Hermes and the Discus Thrower, personify eternal youth and vigor, just as Elvis did in the early stages of his career, with his joyful exuberance in front of an audience. The chiseled face is tranquil on the surface, almost disinterested; and yet smoldering beneath the smooth muscles and full lips. There is anticipation resting in the deep spaces of the sinews, that even in marble or bronze seems to be ready to pounce upon the observer. Yet such tension beneath relaxed exterior is not malevolent. It only serves to entice the spectator to becoming more involved with the statue. This was true also of the young Elvis, who reached beyond the petulant expression into the fiery core of his being and brought the interactive individual into close proximity with the register of his flame.

The second archetypal form is exemplified in the bust of Alexander the Great and the statues of Pericles and Mausolus. Here is controlled grace and measured performance encompassed within the stroke of a visionary’s world offering. These faces reveal men with a sense of their own power and also an awareness of their personal fate. Held in the balance, is the strong resolve cast in the far-reaching gaze, and the tender mercies evident in the set of a sensitive mouth. Certainly, this also is a description of Elvis in the early 1970's when his face held all the complexities of the world and all the beauty of heaven in one single lightening struck moment.

"Elvis believed that our ‘Light’ (soul) came from the light of God, but that Light (once spiritual) was now confined in the physical body - that same spiritual Light representing the sum total of knowledge. Realizing this and practicing this may explain why Elvis seemed to ‘Glow’, and why so many millions were and are attracted to this special man, how they automatically love him." 
- Gail Brewer-Giorgio

The following is an examination of Elvis' spiritual purpose during his lifetime and beyond through the use of pure archetypes. In this first part of the examination I have chosen three categories with the intention that they represent the inner structure of spiritual purpose for which Elvis Presley was born:

1) The Moonstone Path / Divine Synergy: This pure archetype of consciousness expressing in our current world represents harmony within the social arena, the recognition that you are not separate from others and therefore may see yourself within them, balancing of the physical and more practical portions of ones life with the spiritual, working together with others for the good that can be manifest for a common cause, and bringing out the best in others.

Elvis brought together different realms of reality by attracting different and often opposing types of people. He created social harmony out of musical harmony by allowing his audience to see him not only as the singer, but the song itself. When emotion is harmonized it strikes a common and responsive chord in everyone. People are moved together through music, and with Elvis' extreme versatility and ability to express human emotion so fully in his singing, this truth was amplified to unify people through the heart despite the other cultural and musical preferences of the individuals listening to his music. This fusion was sustained through inducing the feeling of ‘being in control’ of their lives once again.

Elvis truly saw the audiences as an extension of himself, and embraced all with a heartfelt compassion that perhaps he was not even able to give self that fully, and so loved himself through the act of loving others. Certainly he strived for a balance of the physical attributes of his expression with the more spiritual aspects of his innate nature. In the end it was the fact that Elvis was inherently spiritually oriented to such a high degree, that he did not even see his own expression of that spirituality because he already WAS IT. In such cases as Elvis, many times all of the physical desire to aspire to greater heights of spiritual expression, and the longing to have a deep spiritual communion with other humans, often overshadows their ability to simply accept what they already are. Thus was his challenge in balancing the physical and spiritual aspects of his life presented to him.

As Elvis was always in pursuit of helping others, he also saw that spark of God within each and every human being he ever had contact with. By almost naively recognizing only that divine flame within them, he assisted these souls to see that aspect of themselves more clearly, at whatever level they were able to. He never let their self judgments cloud his vision of their potential, and humanity being what it is, we tend to live up to others expectations of us. Elvis had great expectations of others divine potential, and helped them to step into that role with themselves.

2) The Ruby Path / Divine Motivation: This pure archetype of consciousness expressing in our current world represents a prime movement of energy, an unconditional and absolutely trusting love of all beings, development of the sacred heart, humility and an absolute faith in God, dedication to giving one’s life to their spiritual purpose and living that life strictly form one’s inner sources.

Elvis most certainly moved a considerable amount of energy, not only through his music and dancing, but within the heart. He moved people to act positively in their lives, to be excited by the very sensation of being alive. Thus, they tended to recreate their existence to accommodate their new found faith in life. There are many stories of hope rendered to the hopeless, simply by their being exposed to Elvis' voice or image. Elvis was able to uplift the soul through his presence alone, and this was because he lived from his inner sources at all times. He was fed by deep wells of Light that gushed up from the greatest part of him, that portion of his self that was still harbored in the star of his spiritual birthing. It was a point of Light he focused upon so intently that he made us see it with him, and we suddenly viewed the ordinary as magical and special. WE became magical and special. Listen to Elvis burst forth in the live performance of ‘The Wonder of You’ from the ‘On Stage’ LP. He was expressing this very sentiment to us.

Elvis knew what his purpose was in this lifetime from a young age. He might not have known all the details, but he felt the essence of it, and was even shown some components by his ‘angel guardians’. As such, he humbled himself to his peers, and thus to God. As Christ washed the feet of the disciples, Elvis expressed his humility many ways, but most visible was by not becoming ego centered about his phenomenal looks or voice. He trusted implicitly in the process of his purpose here, and used his God given attributes to serve others in the only way he knew how.

3) The Sapphire Path / Divine Feminine: This pure archetype of consciousness expressing in our current world represents evolution of matter, the nurturing of all beings and life, moving past limiting fears of mortality, becoming comfortable with one’s own body and deciding how to best present that to the world for the greater purpose, becoming aware of the balance of divine male / female aspects needed within oneself.

Elvis’ evolution throughout his life was self evident to those who watched his music change over the years. He expressed his nurturing self through the male form extraordinarily well, and in many ways discussed elsewhere in this book, so I will only touch upon the fact here that the most obvious expression of this quality was seen in his ability to console others in times of distress. His bodily image was archetypally representative of the mythic spiritual warriors and real heroes of the ancient past. His face was an obvious reflection of the gaze from Mount Olympus*. There, a godly race beyond the mortal pale, reached into the wake of man in order to experience the kiss of life and death. With wings bruised and broken by this attempt at mortality, they returned to their mountain home beneath the Sun that knew no night. The physical beauty that was Elvis Aaron's was claimed by a greater beauty within his soul. This combination of inner and outer connectiveness was borne in a seal of features struck in similar casting throughout history. It is the mark of mastery. In our souls we knew this, and so his physical form was instantly recognizable to us as an image of ‘the gods’. With this knowledge, we were awakened to the balance of the divine male / female within each of us.

Elvis never feared death. In fact, toward the end of his life he welcomed it. But never did he view death as a morose inevitability. He saw it as a doorway to the true Home of the soul. It is our challenge now, to release his image from any sad thought and to see him joyous in Sunlit rapture, embraced by the kindred company he knew was there waiting for him in his ‘other Home’. It is a vision that we too may make our reality; to find release from the clutch of the Raven’s death and be at peace in the thought of the door opening for each of us one day, as we are received into the eternality of Spirit.

Elvis' physical trials were intended as a lesson in understanding that the purpose of suffering is not always for he who suffers, but to create an empathic link with the Earth and her children. My mystical inner sources refer to ‘World Karma’, and say that most of Elvis' unhappiness in this life was not a result of his own karmic circumstances, but rather because he was assuming the role of transforming ‘the sins of the world’. This was what the Master Jesus accomplished in his crucifixion on a much larger scale. You might see this as a form of purifying the blood through the parts of the body that have the greatest ability to withstand pain. Elvis’ body was a sacrificial component in the body of the world that needed to be purified.

In part two of this examination I have chosen four categories of archetypes representing the Four Pillars or balances within Elvis, which sustained his inner structure of spiritual life purpose outlined in the first three categories:

1) The Emerald Path / Divine Knowing: Completion of one’s cosmic purpose, merger with the reality of the soul, clarity of purpose, absolute knowing of the purpose for incarnating in the current lifetime, the understanding of the totality of one’s experience through all of their lifetimes as though there were no time barriers at all.

Elvis possessed an innate comprehension of his place in time and the cycles of manifestation that brought him here. This gave him clarity to the degree of a visionary and philosopher. It enabled him to keep his focus on the stars, and not allow worldly influences to blow him off course, yet he had the ability to be in this world fully so that others could relate to him. Without the ability to connect with others on the grand scale he did, his spiritual purpose here would have failed. He saw that all of his current experience was a part of the grand completion for his soul, in preparation for the next journey, whatever that may hold for him.

2) The Lapis Path / Divine Physicality: The bringing together of all experience from the past into the current time frame, protection of all aspects of the vulnerable self, utilization of the sexual energies for their true purpose so that one may become enlightened and enlighten others, realization of the divine truth manifest in this real world.

From his assemblage of past experiences brought forward in time through his willingness to serve humanity, Elvis was empowered by the ‘Tantric forces’, which are a creative energy of the Spirit. It is the Kundalini (energy moving from the base of the spine up through the crown of the head) fully received into the higher consciousness centers of the spiritual body. Kundalini relates to the sexual activity in humans, but there are many expressions of that energy possible, from the lowliest sexual act to the Immaculate Conception that Jesus’ mother Mary experienced in her conception of the Christ child. In between these two extremes are many differing levels of evolutionary expression of these energies. Elvis' natural sexuality was never vulgar as the old press clippings of the 1950's would have you believe, but it became even more spiritualized by the 1970's. He had a cleansing effect on the sins of Eden through his expanded awareness of the sacredness of the act, revealing through his instinct that the true power of sex was in the heart and not the body and mind. This knowledge, whether perceived and / or experienced, brings the individual into ‘Gnosis’, or truth.

Gnosis gave Elvis the ability to abide in Truth. God reached down to him in those moments when he was not able to reach up to God, and will do the same for each of us, if we but only remember to ask.

3) The Amethyst Path / Divine Fulfillment: The realization of the fruits of following the path of intuition, increased ability to use all the physical senses at a new level of awareness, the merging of one’s cosmic being with their sensual self, fulfillment of all physical and material needs beyond one’s expectations, unlimited flow of creative energy for the greater purpose.

These are all expressions of Elvis' life. He implicitly followed the path of his inner guidance. Elvis increased his ability to sense the energy the audience truly needed, so that he might spontaneously respond as his career progressed. As Elvis’ life progressed the greater part of him became a more active participant in his experience, and within those of us who shared that experience, this was his cosmic being seeking expression on Earth. He certainly experienced material abundance, which was as a result of his creative energies unleashed. As he expressed in his speech to the Jaycees in 1970, his childhood dreams had come true beyond his greatest expectations. In addition to his spiritualized sexuality, he exuded a mystical sensuality, and he was if anything, creative in weaving the divergent aspects of his life together. This flexibility and easy grace in the midst of a luxury that tempts decadence to the utmost, was one of his most valuable empowerments and his greatest test.

4) The Diamond Path / Divine Victory: Spiritual victory through action that may seem foolish to others, the completion of the ultimate chess game, where you trade your most powerful and prized piece to gain the victory.

Elvis was in the final analysis victorious, as his was his spiritual mastery over the burden of matter. His victory is to be found in every human being he inspired toward their own personal conquests against failure. He continues to hearten people, many of whom were not even born during his life time.

He invoked dramatic action and change in his culture and in some respects, throughout every culture of the World. He received from what he lost, in that he was always aware of the greater good, and thus could not be diminished. In the end, he traded his most prized physical possession, his body and human life, for the greater goal at hand. He readily accepted his early death, and knew it was coming long before the medical community did. He welcomed the ultimate climax experience of life - death - with an open mind and heart trusting implicitly in the process. Of all the divine attributes Elvis exemplified in his life, this stands as his greatest in my heart. He offered himself to an early transition, and in so doing preserved the image we held of him for our sake, not his, for what good would his personal image ever do him now?

The information in this next portion of the chapter is a bit more esoteric and metaphysical. I have structured the book so that this part of the chapter can be optional reading for those who may not be interested in this type of information, without loss of continuity in the book. Those who knew and loved Elvis but are not metaphysically oriented, may wish to simply scan through the material and then read the last paragraph. For those interested in metaphysics and the Inner Mysteries, this information should prove to be nectar for your hearts.

The following esoteric study came together for me as a result of several years of inner understanding finally coming to blossom, and pulls together the other seven pure archetypal consciousness patterns previously addressed into a greater vision yet. Some of this material will relate to aspects of metaphysical interpretation with which you may not be familiar. I suggest that you not try too intently to understand every word, but rather, take the greater message of this work directly into your heart. This relates directly to my comments on Elvis’ greatest gift of all in the closing of the ‘Victory’ archetype.

The Wounded King Archetype (Wounded Healer)

Elvis' greater overall archetypal role would be one of the Wounded or Lame King. This is an archetype within the Grail Legends also known as the ‘Fisher King’. The essence of the Grail legends is that the seeker must find the divine feminine expression within their own experience, which is what the Grail represents. When enough individuals on the planet have truly found this inner source, then the Grail is also returned to the planet as a whole. As the planet has been out of balance in respect to male / female energy for some time, the seeking of the divine feminine (Grail) is designed to restore balance, not to turn a patriarchy into the opposite imbalance of matriarchy. According to my mystical inner sources, there is also a physical Holy Grail cup which remains hidden to this day. This object is significant in that it is a focusing point for the spiritual Grail, or divine feminine consciousness.  There are various interpretations to understanding the role of the Wounded King. I am choosing to follow the illumination given to me from my mystical inner sources in revealing the Mystery of the Wounded King. It is important to keep in mind that the ‘Grail Mystery’ is an outer representation of an inner search for our own complete God Self.

The Wounded King is generally considered to be the guardian of the Holy Grail consciousness, but is not adequately empowered to carry out the job. The Wounded King must be healed, but this not possible until the rightful recipient of the Grail consciousness comes along and claims the Grail. The Wounded King’s plight is reflected in the barren wasteland that his kingdom has become (i.e. the consciousness of the world he lives within). The Grail consciousness cannot be reactivated until the individual worthy of it appears and asks the right question proving they are worthy of such a treasure. The question would be; what is the true sacred purpose of this Grail? In whose name does it serve? In the asking of this question the seeker proves they are aware of the king’s plight and the state of his kingdom, and has a true compassion for their experience. The only purpose for the activation of the Grail consciousness must be for the benefit of others, and not glorification of the self.

Who will achieve the Grail consciousness? In this role we may find any and every one who in their seeking asks this question within. In seeking the truth of this knowledge, so we are quickened to release our own karmic wounds and receive the grace of God. For in the asking comes acceptance of our own separation from our true God Self in its balanced wholeness, and in the acceptance we open to the necessary healing. If we place Elvis in the role of the Wounded King (understanding that he was / is not the only Wounded King, but one of those who strongly assumes a major aspect of this archetypal role on a planetary scale), we may understand more clearly his physical suffering, and indeed his entire life as well as his current link to humanity. In his Wounded King role, Elvis Aaron was enacting World karma in order to facilitate healing for the masses. Certainly he had / has his own karma, and it was reflected to a degree in his life, but the broader spectrum of his ‘Elvis experience’ was as a result of a World service according to my mystical inner sources.

The Wounded King’s suffering serves the purpose to bring greater wisdom, knowledge and insight to the people of his kingdom. He offers his blood to the greater cause to release those he loves and cares for from their suffering if at all possible. Certainly we can see this in the way Elvis gave all for his fans, so that they might experience a moment of happiness they might not have otherwise. He lifted them from the doldrums of every day life into the heights he inhabited at great expense to his own physical being.

Now lets us move to another format whereby the Wounded King may be referenced from a different perspective.

I have followed the pattern of divisions given in the ‘Gaia Matrix Oracle’ divination deck and book by Ms. Rowena Patty Kryder. I have put together a dynamic of the Life / Mystery of Elvis Aaron Presley. My mystical inner sources chose the particular archetypes (cards) from the Gaia Matrix Oracle that held peak correlations to Elvis' life within the correspondent 'Four Phases of Creation and Regeneration of Gaia'. Elvis’ childhood up to the age of nineteen and his army years, were preparatory phases and not the actual manifestation of the archetypes themselves. The final phase, as you will see, began at the moment of his death on August 16, 1977, and continues through to an unrevealed (to me) future time.

The portions in quotations are from the Gaia Matrix Oracle book. The rest was given me by my mystical inner sources:

INVOLUTION: The inward flow of consciousness, where self discovery and greater self knowledge is forthcoming

This phase played out for Elvis from 1954 (age 19) through 1957 (age 22).

Archetype / card selected: Immortals - "Inherent joy of Spirit"

The sheer joy a young and innocent Elvis experienced and gave through his singing. Here was the ‘Mystery’ in its first stages of being. The mystery was not yet aware of its own devices, and so it is active through the autonomous power of life itself. In other words, the mystery begins by mirroring the sheer joy of the universe instead of acknowledging one’s own singular persona, character or direction.

EVOLUTION: The movement outward to greater knowledge and realization of truth as a result in the inward focus becoming an inherent autonomous process.

This phase was active for Elvis from 1960 (age 25) through 1967 (age 32).

Archetype / card selected: Hero - "Helping others by being true to yourself."

In the 1960's Elvis lived the second phase of Creation and Regeneration by working inwardly on his wholeness, which was expressed outwardly by the great feeling of love focused toward his fans. Whereas, in the 1950's his followers had primarily been swept along by unthinking joy, Elvis Aaron was now refining his definition of Self, and thus was generating a deeper more consciously aware love from his inner being toward his followers.

While it was largely an inactive period for Elvis on the screen, most of the music he generated at that time was soothing and reassuring. Even the fast pieces contained the emphasis on essential beingness; 'I know who I am, thus I am better able to serve you.'

SACRIFICE: Places into motion the greater healing of self and humanity. The giving of all for the greater purpose at hand.

This phase was prevalent from 1968 (age 33) through 1977 (age 42) in Elvis’ experience.

For this third phase my mystical inner sources have chosen three archetypes instead of one, because in this last earthly phase of Elvis' life, he was encompassing a greater degree of the 'Mystery'.

1st archetype / card selected: Heart of the Sun - "Seeing everything as a sign of divine glory in the light"

2nd archetype / card selected: Blue Pharaoh - "Allowing the breakdown of the physical vehicle while heightening cellular (consciousness)  changes occur."  Cellular consciousness can be equated to the innate intelligence inherent in our whole being, similar to intuition, and is not dependent on health necessarily as an indication of its sate of evolution.

3rd archetype / card selected: Black Buffalo - "Experiencing oneself as a fulfillment of the divine image in the human, empathy for all life."

As Elvis entered phase three, he experienced a surge of return to his own divinity. All the love he had poured out toward the World in phases one and especially two, were now streaming back into him. As he increased his Love outwardly in response to this melting pot of Love, he created a bridge of Light continuously in motion, moving from him to his followers, and back again. Also, this movement was escalating in truth, thus a spiral was manifesting. The point of the spiral touched the Elvis Mystery in mankind and the wider end reached into the divine continuum, the heart of God. It was at this juncture defined by the development of the Golden Spiral of Love, that the Heart of the Sun archetype was expressed.

The immense energy sustained within the physical body of Elvis Aaron at this point was tremendous. There were millions of human beings FOCUSING LOVE ON THIS ONE MAN with an intensity that perhaps has never been known before on the planet. During their lifetimes, not even Buddha or Jesus Christ had that much concentration of human energy infusing their bodies, since there was no media of communication to accommodate it, and not as many people on the planet if there had been mass communication ability. Certainly other entertainers are loved and admired, but not to the degree Elvis experienced it. What he was receiving from all these people was not only love however, but karma. Unfortunately, human love is not yet pure. It is projected through the persona, and that persona is a vehicle for the karma of the individual. While there were great spiritual benefits to Elvis in receiving the world's love, he was unable as a single human being to strain out the lumps of karma. Taking upon himself the karma of the world, his physical body began to break down, as matter is the 'Corpus' of the karmic embodiment. Yet because of the Golden Spiral of Love, his spiritual body incorporated more and more Light into its higher state of being. This enabled him to continue to sing with such power and glory, even to the end. All of his music during this third phase reflected the magnificence of angelic choirs, sounding to the reverie of the soul. The shifting of Elvis Aaron's body vehicle from matter more towards Light is revealed in the Blue Pharaoh archetype. It is important to understand that while Elvis body was riddled with cancer and such, its greater expression was moving into a sublime state which enabled the body to remain in an undeteriorated state long after his death (this witnessed by a mutual friend of Elvis and Wanda Hill upon exhumation of Elvis' body to be re-entombed at Graceland).

Throughout the third phase, Elvis radiated the message of the Black Buffalo, but we can also see this archetype as a consummation of his entire life up to that point: "Experiencing Oneself As a Fulfillment of the Divine Image in the Human, Empathy for all of Life."

ESCHATON: This is the phase completing spiritual consummation of the Earth, received through a fiery burst of experience, much like Joan of Arc on the burning pyre. It can be painful or glorious, but it is always illuminative to the point of total surrender. One can no longer claim anything tangible. It must all be given up to the flame in perfect knowing that the greatest possession is to BE possessed by God.

This fourth phase began for Elvis and his Mystery at his death.

There are two archetypes chosen for the Elvis’ Eschaton phase:

1st archetype / card selected: Mother of the World - "All embracing compassion for all beings".

2nd archetype / card selected: Fool - "Whole-hearted presence."

With the Mother of the World archetype active in your life, "you can now free yourself totally from giving your power away to another." Elvis did give a great deal of his emotional power away to others, by trying too hard to fulfill the demands made upon him by his fans, his friends, and his family. This was a contributing factor on a personal level to his grosser physical depletion. He no longer does this, for now he is able to give without being pulled upon.

The Fool archetype represents innocence and instinctual response. It the essence of our purity that has not been tainted by the limited thoughts of the world, the part of self that has no ego or personality to obstruct its vision.

In some schools of thought the Fool is represented by the wounded swan, which in turn represents the fall of humanity from grace. The swan frequently symbolizes purity, love and grace. There is a story involving the wounded swan in relation to the legend of the Holy Grail. In this story there is a character who represents the innocent hero by the name of Parcifal. Parcifal shoots a swan wounding it, and in the process wounds himself. Through this experience he becomes conscious of the nature of suffering which leads him to the discovery of greater expressions of love.

There is a connection between the wound that has been inflicted upon the swan, and evolving consciousness, all represented in the swan's body as it appears in the picture on the Haindl Tarot card for the Fool. Though the neck twists in pain it forms a spiral curling into the sky. Consciousness does not move upwards in a straight line, but spirals toward the heavens. But the golden beak does point almost straight upward, like an arrow directing us to the heavens. The swan's wing arches upward, creating a vision that makes us feel we could climb to heaven through the experiences of love and pain. (The Haindl Tarot by Rachel Pollack)

Take a moment, and form the following picture in your mind: It is the end of an Elvis concert. The lights create a mesmerizing, spiraling radiance about his body. The jewels on his suit flash in a twinkling maze of fire, and his face seems to glow from an inner source. With humble expression, he raises his head and stretches out his arms, holding the ends of his cape. A horizon of crimson fans upward. He forms a cross of color and light upon the stage. Is this not the swan of the Fool, the wings lifting upward, his gaze like an arrow shooting into the heavens? The red wound pours into the Cup of Darkness, and he is received into the folds of time; "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING." For those of us who have experienced this revelatory transmission with Elvis in person, no more need be said.

"That Elvis, man he’s all there is. There ain’t no more. Everything starts and ends with was like he came along and whispered some dream in everybody’s ear, and somehow we all dreamed it." - Bruce Springsteen

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