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Elvis - His Numbers and Stars

(from the unpublished manuscript, Blue Star Love - From Elvis' Heart to Yours by Maia Nartoomid with additional work by Simeon Nartoomid and major contributions of Elvis telephone transcripts and personal memories by Wanda June Hill)

click here for printable pdf of this article

Elvis strongly believed in numerology, the science of numbers. He recognized the unity of the universe, mapped in an interlacing pattern of Light, Form, Space and Dimension. The transformative power of this pattern is to be found in the vibration of numbers - a revelation of the life force within our Earth and our life potential. The following is a condensation of the basic numerology of Elvis Aaron Presley, using the interpretations given in the book ‘Numerology and the Divine Triangle,’ by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker. Since the full name of the individual at birth is to be considered most accurate in containing the vibration of the personality and potential of that person, I come to a difficult passage, as although it is purported that on Elvis’ birth certificate, his middle name is spelled Aaron, he wrote his name as Aron. It was not until shortly before his death that he requested ‘Aaron’ be put upon his tombstone, and it was. Thus, I feel that both versions of the spelling of his middle name should be regarded as numerlogically significant for Elvis A. Presley.

Before going into the numerology lets take a brief etymological look at his name. The unusual name Elvis may be derived from the ancient Norse Alvis, which means 'all wise'. In Norse mythology, Alvis was in love with the daughter of the god Thor. Another possible historical source is the Teutonic Elwin, Alwyn, or Elvin meaning 'famous, noble or godly friend'. From another mythological reference it is said to mean ‘friend of the elves.
The Biblical Aaron was the older brother of Moses. In Egypt, he was the head of the priesthood and spokesman for his people. Aron is the Hebraic form and may mean 'teaching', 'singing', or 'mountain', based on various old Hebrew words. In Arabic, it would mean 'messenger'.

Presley is a modern form of the English last name Priestly, meaning a person who lives near the priest's land or woods. With this in mind lets look at he numerology.

In 'Numerology and the Divine Triangle' the numerics of one’s personal make-up are divided into four parts: the Life Lesson number, Soul and Outer Personality numbers and the Path of Destiny number. Together, they form a picture of the individual's entire personality.

Elvis’ Life Lesson number was nine: This is the number of universal love of humanity and patience, “someone who is kind and understanding and at the peak of life’s expression, who must turn and show others the way.” They are well suited for marriage, being strong in passions and compassions. Acquiring money and wealth comes easily for a nine. They are not petty individuals and can deal in broader concepts, usually attaining success despite great difficulties. They very well may become an orator, writer, communicator or statesman, and leadership positions are quite suitable for a nine. Among other likely careers listed for this number are explorer, magician, narcotics agent, scientist, preacher, doctor, and surgeon. There are also career possibilities for nines as artists, musicians, lawyers and spiritual healers. It is interesting to note here that Elvis had very much wanted to be a doctor. He bought an entire medical library and studied it extensively. A friend of Elvis’ who was a mortician allowed him to watch and study embalming procedures, because of Elvis’ acute interest in the medical structure of the human body.

Elvis was also a ‘narcotics agent’ of sorts. President Nixon assigned to Elvis a special narcotics agent badge in 1970 when Elvis wanted to be of service in fighting drug abuse. He was also certainly a musician, and a spiritual healer as well.

To go into a further delineation of Elvis’ nine, as reduced from twenty-seven. In numerology each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number. These numbers are then added up. A key difference in the adding of these numbers from the usual mathematical methods of addition are that for example, 27 is equal to a nine via 2+7 = 9. So if the person's first name was 27, and their last name were 41, then through this method we would reduce the 27 to 9, and the 41 to 5 and have 9+5 = 14, which then would be reduced further to 5. The number from which the final result was deduced from also has significance in numerology: 9 is a number of “great spiritual strength.... just and wise....these persons have a fertile, creative mind and a love of beauty and art. Civilizations are built upon the stuff of which you are made....All business enterprises will succeed beyond expectation....Your influence over others, coupled with an ability to lead, bring you wealth and comfort.”

As Aron, Elvis’ soul number was eleven: Eleven is a ‘master number’, meaning that it places more demand on the individual, as it is more open for expression of the soul. A person will fluctuate between the master number and its base digit (the base digit for 11 would be 1+1=2, or 2), as it is difficult for an individual to maintain the intensity of a master number. I feel Elvis lived his eleven most of time, and that he chose Aron which gave him this number (whether consciously or unconsciously) to put himself into circumstances requiring greater mastery over self and therefore oneness with his soul's mission. Perhaps this is partly the reason he wished to become ‘Aaron’ again before his death, which would reinstitute the soul number of 39/3, 3+9=12, then 1+2=3) allowing for more of a personal self, something he had not experienced much of in his life.

Eleven as a Soul number from 'Numerology and the Divine Triangle': One who has been on a spiritual path for a long time, learning the mysteries of life and death. A person with “courage, talent and leadership abilities....understanding, and often clairvoyant, with extremely sensitive ESP abilities and strong spiritual learnings.”

Three as the Soul number for ‘Aron’: Someone whose philosophy in life is the knowledge “that inspiration and imagination will bring the best results when used to help others.” Love is important to a three.

The further delineation of the soul number 39/3: Selection of a life of service to others. “You offer love and sympathy in order to help make the world a better place in which to live. You are a crusader who wants to feel that the world has benefited because of your sojourn in it... surrounded by friends and loved ones. The love you give is returned abundantly, which fills your cup even fuller, until the love must overspill into the lives of those who are in need...You will communicate this love to all you contact.”

Since the vibration of Aaron as 39/3 so exemplifies Elvis’ personality and loving, giving nature, it can be seen that he truly radiated this soul expression as well as the more intensely charged master number eleven.

Elvis’ Outer Personality number was a Six: One who emanates “a protective vibration and has a sense of responsibility for others.” A personage who draws others to him for counseling, teaching, and healing. An individual with a keen sense of balance who sees all the pieces as “separate and yet parts of the whole.”

The further delineation of Elvis’ Outer Personality, 42/6: “Complete dedication to peace and understanding” would lend to this individual’s role as a minister “...would be a fine singer...strong, leaning toward the mystical. You see beauty everywhere and should express it in a tangible way for others to enjoy. Your personal charm and pleasure-loving, generous nature draws others to you. You intuitively realize their needs and work to create a happy atmosphere wherever you are. You need the sociability of friends and would not be happy living alone. You believe in doing the right thing, sharing equally in all relationships and binding contracts.”

Elvis’ Path of Destiny number using Aron to determine it was an Eight: Someone with magnificent courage, who will attain his goals solely through his own efforts. “Recognition, success and wealth are your proper destiny.”

The further delineation of 80/8: The book ‘Numerology and The Divine Triangle,’ from which the material in this chapter was compiled, does not go beyond 78/6, as it paces The Tarot. However, one would assume that the doubling of the eight would increase the productive power which imbues eight with the title of the ‘power number’.

The influence of the ‘Aaron’ name was a force present in Elvis’ life through his Path of Destiny number as well. Using Aaron to determine the number we come up with an 81/9. Nine as a Path of Destiny number: Perfection is your goal, but it is not often attainable. The mission this soul has embarked upon is a charitable one. They meet many tests and setbacks, “but the lesson of forgiveness will bring temperance to those situations.” These persons strive to follow the pattern of an ideal life, inspiring others to do the same. “You desire to better the world through philosophy and philanthropy and become impatient when results come too will meet many famous people in your lifetime who will be impressed by the breadth of your thinking. You should not to cling to old associations. When you have fulfilled your role with an individual, you must move on. You cannot be limited to a small circle of friends. Your broad philosophy must touch and enlighten the lives of many.” Another great Path of Destiny nine was the cowboy philosopher, Will Rogers.

It is interesting that personally Elvis was unable to break from the “small circle of friends” other than through his phone friends, but that through his music he was able to fully accomplish the complete fulfillment his destiny required.

In summary, my sources say that Elvis was definitely a combination of ‘Aron’ and ‘Aaron’ - that these two names together formulated his special ability to encompass the spiritual and emotional needs of so many millions of people.

Elvis’ Numerology excerpted from a reading by John Davis of the Coptic Fellowship International
(as transcribed from a tape recording) was determined from a different format, yet reveals much the same in conclusion:

"The ‘Elvis’ motivation is the number of the Cosmic Christ, which is number 14. Mental and emotional nature; he comes from a very high state of consciousness.

"The name ‘Presley’ is a spiritual lineage which means that in past lives he had some times as a priest...a variety of religions and philosophies, was an independent leader.

"His motivation was 40, which is that whole symbol of the forty lashes...when Jesus was lashed, he was lashed 39 times, for if he was lashed 40 times, it would represent that Christ energy, and they didn’t want to acknowledge him as that...(Elvis had) a pure essence of 40 which is very rare.
"His personality was a 13, which is the most powerful number in numerology, the power to manifest. The 13th octave is the highest form of the first level and also forms the foundation for the second level; so 3/13 is really a Christ Consciousness number.

"His expression was 8...which is the number of resurrection and rebirth. He was born on the 8th.

Life Path: 7 is the number of the mystic, it is the inner quest, the quest for the Grail. He had no challenge to this. At age 28 it really triggered into the Grail Quest.

"42 (the age when he died), is the most powerful number on the Earth plane, that’s why Revelations talks about “each shall rule for 42 months.” Its not a time period, its a vibration of the Davidic Covenant with it (42) is a ‘knighting’ or ‘anointing’.

"He has 18 energies...which is the number of altruism, giving with no thought of return, of giving other people power without asking anything in return...I think this is why he had the revelations and the dreams that he had...the dream with the Sphinx, the robe and the was symbolic of a life of sacrifice - ‘The Pearl of Great Price’, and of course his destiny is nine also (1+8), which means this contract of selfless service is something that he had ever since he was born.

'Astrology' by Elvis Presley

"It is designed so as to expose the ultimate in height and depth. To relate the strength and weaknesses of those who are willing to accept and are seeking a closer relationship with the divine. In order to recognize and correct one’s faults and be in step. To be capable of understanding the necessity of the changing times. To participate, to create, to express, appreciate, and to more fully understand his individual role in reaching the divine God. For man to more fully understand and to determine his own destiny. The realization that divine God is life itself. Upon being able to accept one’s faults and weaknesses. To correct them in order to have a better understanding and to be capable of giving love and help to other human beings regardless of color or creed. To appreciate all people. The breaking down of barriers and recognizing individual traits. To be sincere in having the desire to show gratitude and appreciation for that which each individual has given to the world. You create a better understanding for yourself of life and the part you yourself and others play in this world. You are soon recognizing a brighter light within yourself. The sharing of that light with others and feeling the importance of stressing and / or distributing the love and will of God. For Christ, who gave life and hope and faith to the millions of people who have accepted His sacrifice and Ray of Life. He taught the love of God and the importance of expressing gratitude and respect for the greatest miracle of all - life itself!"

It was my feeling that some of Elvis’ astrology information should be included in this book - especially since all previous charts done on him have been computed with his twin brother Jesse’s birth time, and not Elvis’, who was born several minutes after Jesse. Therefore, based on the birth time Elvis gave Wanda Hill as the actual moment of his birth, I sent for a computerized natal chart and mini-analysis, from Harriet I. Matysko, in Brooklyn, N.Y. When sending for this reading, I did not give Elvis’ name, but identified the natal information as “deceased male, born 1/8/35.” When I received the natal material on Elvis from Ms. Matysko, she enclosed a personal note to me which read in part:

“The departed male had a beautiful chart - a glorious blend of fire, earth and water. What a strong and virile, yet gentle soul he must have been. It’s sad that someone so young, so good-looking both from the outside as well as the inside should be taken, when there are those far less worthy roaming this earth.”

When I wrote to Ms. Matysko, informing her that the ‘deceased male’ was Elvis Presley, she replied in a letter to me:

“When I gave you the interpretation for the deceased male 1/8/35, I had no idea who it was. What I saw and reported to you was the majestical splendor which emanated from the chart...I was saddened to know that the beautiful chart was of a being who no longer spread his graces on this earth.”

The Astrology of Elvis Aaron Presley by Ms. Matysko

"Born, January 8, 1935 at 4:17 AM \\ Place of Birth, Tupelo, Miss. Rising Sign: 8.33 degrees in Sagittarius \\ Sun: 17.13 Degrees in Capricorn \\ Moon: 1.50 Degrees in Pisces \\ Mercury: 22.17 Degrees in Capricorn \\ Venus: 29.21 Degrees in Capricorn \\ Mars: 12.48 Degrees in Libra \\ Jupiter: 18.01 Degrees in Scorpio \\ Saturn: 25.39 Degrees in Aquarius \\ Uranus: 27.28 Degrees in Aries \\ Neptune: 14.27 Degrees in Virgo retrograde \\ Pluto: 25.04 Degrees in Cancer retrograde \\ N. Node: 1.07 Degrees in Aquarius

“Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, which is really the executive branch of the zodiac. "You’re the boss! The Saturn influence will make you an achiever. You will be aspiring, responsible, controlled, practical, patient and just.

“With the Moon in Pisces your inner feelings and thoughts are expressed in a manner sympathetic, voluble, kindly and extremely receptive to the influence of others....The Pisces Moon makes you feel emotional, intuitional, artistic and often make a very good friend and confident....Your emotions can sometimes fluctuate from the ultimate height of happiness down to the depths of despair. However, the strength and stability of the Capricorn Sun is a saving device for you, and your Sagittarius Ascendant blends well with your Pisces Moon to give you a harmonious balance. This gives you the combination of strength, magnetism, with a blending of a sympathetic nature, making you an exceptional individual.

“Your Pisces Moon is in the 3rd house of communications, giving you a strong flair and feelings for communications. You are an effective communicator with the public in written and verbal form. You no doubt can write poetry and tender, sensitive writings. The 3rd house Moon would also give you strong feelings for sisters, brothers and nearby relatives.”

According to ‘The Medicine Wheel,’ by Sun Bear and Wabun. (this book is an American Indian version of one’s natal integrations with the earth), Elvis’ natal / Earth information reveals that he was born under the Earth Renewal Moon: "...the first moon of the year, have the snow goose as their totem in the animal kingdom, the birch tree as their totem in the plant kingdom and the quartz as their totem in the mineral kingdom. Their color is white, and they are of the Turtle elemental clan. They were born between December 22 and January 19."

In 1972, Wanda Hill attended a Psychic Fair. She could not resist taking along a photograph of Elvis, sealed in an envelope. Without giving any hint as the identity of the individual whose picture was enclosed, she handed the envelope, which could not be seen through, to a psychic reader at the Fair. The following is part of this gentlemen’s reading:

“This is a male - tall, considered above average in appearance or build - some fashion. He is fun-loving, at present his life is in turmoil. There is a separating factor - someone he cared for is gone from his life - taken away by another - I sense divorce. He is serious, a hard worker and takes things very personally at times when he should not. He possibly is a service worker - dealing with the public. I feel he has many followers - perhaps he teaches in some manner - and he is spiritual, gifted in the way he reaches people. He is well-known among many - a writer or communicator. He tries too hard to please. I sense that he needs the approval of women to a great extent, and has often compromised his own needs to attain this approval. It must be that he often feels put upon to return affection he would rather not return in order to have this approval. He is lonely and seeking someone - some thing - no - some person to fill his heart - his life. I sense this man is in deep personal pain - a broken heart perhaps - or dejection at being betrayed by one he trusted implicitly. This man is also facing a change in his life. He will leave this earth plane early in life and he knows it. The first letter of his name is ‘E’”

The Soul Purpose and Spiritual Goal of Elvis Through Esoteric Astrology
As interpreted by Edward L. Nowak MsD B.S.

"Many of those who beheld Elvis Presley, saw him as ‘through a glass darkly’. Yet in all his raiment, glamor and glory, few realized the power of the soul that animated this unequaled and singularly complex being known as Elvis.

"In this lifetime, Elvis had the opportunity to ‘Prepare the Manger’ for the coming of the Christ in his own life. Whether this would have manifested as a ‘born again’ experience, or a greater mental awakening, we will never know. If this had happened, Elvis would have been seen as the revealer / teacher, almost ‘guru-like’ in his aura of power, of a distraught and wayward humanity. His performances could have been the launching pad to bring a more definite and focused message to the world. However, this was not to be.

In Esoteric Astrology, the tropical natal chart affects only the uninvolved and average individual. When man begins to emerge out of the Great Illusion, the Sidereal Zodiac affects him at a personality level.

"The Sidereal chart is the personality chart for the evolved soul. Thus the Sidereal Ascendent indicates the soul purpose for this and the next several lives. It is from this ascendent that the spiritual struggle is entered into. It is then from the ascendent that we can describe the soul’s purpose, its liberation, and how that purpose will activate.

"The ascendent is the indicator of the limits to which one will go in separating themselves from the glamors and illusions of the world, before one turns within and accepts the linkage and union with the rest of humanity.

"The sign of the ascendent is the force of the soul, and encapsulates the possibilities for this incarnation and the possibilities for spiritual evolution.
"The Sidereal Zodiac is approximately 24 degrees behind the Tropical Zodiac. Exoterically, the 12 planets in the 12 houses affects the physical plane expression and the personality life. Esoterically, the 12 constellations help to stimulate the soul, bringing about interior changes which transform the way one behaves.

"In the Sidereal chart of Elvis Presley, the ascendent is in Scorpio. It is here that the intense power of Elvis was concentrated. The Scorpio ascendent is the area of greatest temptation and testing as well as providing the greatest opportunity for spiritual progress. Ruled by Mars esoterically, the soul life also receives the energy of Pluto, but on a higher level. This combination not only gave Elvis the drive and power for accomplishment, but also the ability to survive crisis. From time to time Elvis was confronted with the weaknesses that arose from his subconscious, and at the same time, given the opportunity to destroy them. This Scorpio energy gave Elvis the ability to draw upon hidden sources of power to attain his goals, and the magnetic power to attract the masses in a way known only by the soul.

"The Soul Purpose as indicated in this particular chart, is shown by the Scorpio Ascendent and the rest upon the 3 major tests of Scorpio; Reorientation to the life of the soul, the readiness for initiation, and sensitivity to the Plan. These are divided into 9 lesser tests of appetite, desire and will; Sex, Comfort, Money, Fear, Hatred, Ambition, Pride, Separativness and Cruelty. It would be difficult to determine which of these tests Elvis was subjected to at any given time. It may be that he touched upon all of these or any combination. Suffice it to say that here is exemplified the ‘Crises of the Battle field’ and desire in its many forms must be consciously brought under control of the soul.

"Every latent pre-disposition, instinct, every unconquered situation and every controlling fault must be tried, tested and overcome. When these are realized and overcome, the result is the establishment of right relations with the soul and the environment.

"Elvis’ purpose was to become the spiritual warrior, not only for the self, but for others; To bring before the masses an image that would become not only an enduring role model, but a teaching that would become a foundation for inspirational living. Elvis showed how anyone could rise from their roots to command power and success. The 9 tests of Scorpio can be spread over 9 lifetimes before victory is attained.

"Archetypically, through the Scorpio energy, we find the comparison of the symbolic struggle of the 8th Labor of Hercules and the life of Elvis to be similar.

"Hercules was sent to battle the 9-headed hydra, symbolizing the 9 tests of the personality life. But with each assault, the hydra grew stronger and for each head that was severed, 2 grew in its place. Hercules was told by his teacher, before going into battle that, 'We rise by kneeling, we conquer by surrendering, and by relinquishing we gain.' Hercules was forced to his knees and from that position of humility, lifted the serpent (accumulated evils) into the air (the realm of the soul where the hydra could not live), cut off the Hydra’s immortal head and buried it under a rock (will). Thus was Hercules delivered.

"Elvis, like Hercules, also had to realize 3 things; to recognize the existence of the Hydra, search patiently for it, and finally destroy it. Elvis needed discrimination to recognize its existence, patience to discover its lair, and humility to bring the fragments of the subconscious to the surface and expose them to the light of wisdom.

"It is possible that Elvis recognized the existence of the ‘hydra’ in his own life, but he did not or could not destroy the many ‘heads’ that kept arising to take the place of the ones he defeated.

"The fixed star, Alphard at 27 deg. Leo, is conjunct the Leo Mid-Heaven and the Yod in Elvis’ chart. It is the main star of Alpha-Hydrae (water serpent hydra). This indicates that Elvis had the ability to grow and rise to high places. But he needed to be cautious and clear about what he knew in objective truth. He endangered himself by letting knowledge and power unbalance him. The meaning here is ‘One Who Stands Alone’. Although surrounded by the crowds and the adulation, Elvis stood alone on a planet he could not call home.

"From a lecture by Alice A. Bailey. 'Aquila the Eagle is interchangeable with Scorpio....Aquila the Eagle is the bird out of time and space and as Hercules struggles with the hydra, he looks up, sees the eagle and is reminded that he has come forth into incarnation and will fly back to whence he came.'
"It is interesting to note that the constellation of 'Aquila The Eagle', is comprised of 2 stars. Altair at 7 deg. Capricorn and Deneb Aquila at 26 deg. Sagittarius. (These are Sidereal locations). Altair is conjunct the North Node and Deneb Aquila is conjunct Vulcan and the Galactic Center. This reinforces the difficulties that Elvis had in being unable to relate to the earth reality.

"Humanity witnessed Elvis from the level of the personality life, but the personality rarely co-operates with the requirements of the soul. Thus was Elvis misunderstood. There were times when Elvis, having the willingness and courage to be the ‘knower’ , released the Eagle aspect of Scorpio. He would then become the rescuer of what or who might otherwise be doomed. This gave him the ability to stimulate others to fight back and transform themselves.

"The Scorpio ascendent is at 14 deg. 43 min. (15 deg.). 15 degrees of any fixed sign is considered one of the 'Points Of Avatar'. These points suggest power over the elements in one form or another or from one level or another. This highly energized point represents the blending of knowledge from the higher realms. It pulls the divergent energy from several areas and gives a more precise unification, one that is more applicable to mankind. The power here must be realized from within and used to become free. Elvis pulled in this divergent energy and gave it form for the masses, but he could not free himself enough to become master of that power.

From ‘An Astrological Mandala’ by Dane Rudhyar, the 15th degree of Scorpio states, 'This is the early step in the development of a mind seeking to be attuned to the higher level of human evolution. It may be deciphered if one realizes that man’s essential destiny is to develop as a 5-fold being, or 5-pointed star. Number 5 symbolizes mind in its most creative and penetrating aspect. Some individuals are born with a special potential for development of the higher, creative mind, and in social circumstances favoring this development.'

"Sidereally, the star Antares is located at the center of Scorpio at 15 deg. 52 min. This is one of the 4 Archangel Stars holding a prominent position in the chart. Antares is also conjunct the ascendent, indicating the great storehouse of energy that Elvis had to undertake ventures which others could or would not attempt. It is the star that rules ‘great success in war’. A most interesting placement, considering the opportunity for Elvis to enter the ‘battlefield of life’ through the Mars ruled energy of the Scorpio ascendent and the soul purpose.

"The fixed star Regulus (the 2nd Archangel Star in a prominent position in the chart, known as the ‘Star of human glory among its own kind’), is also conjunct the Leo Mid-Heaven and the point of the Yod (see below). This means ‘The Little King In The Heart Of The Lion’. This position is most propitious. Its placement indicates that this individual will be raised to a high position in life far exceeding the environment he was born into. This cosmic connection brought Elvis into the presence of rulers and famous people. Riches, fame and power came to him quite easily.

"From ‘An Astrological Mandala’, the 28th deg. of Leo (Mid-Heaven) states, 'A wide, and perhaps confusing, openness to a multiplicity of inspiring potentials.

There is a stage in the spiritual life, which is not different from the everyday life, during which the consciousness, aspiring to greater realizations or more impressive forms of self-expression, feels itself flooded with new ideas and new possibilities. This can be very exciting, yet also quite confusing. It becomes necessary to focus oneself by limiting one’s field of vision and activity.'

"The 3rd Archangel Star (Formalhaut) located at 9 deg. Aquarius (sidereally) is conjunct the Moon in Aquarius. This placement had much to do with releasing Elvis from the inertia of the past, and opening an new window to the future. This is the position that connotes great power and wisdom ‘bestowed from above’

"From ‘An Astrological Mandala’, the 9th deg. of Aquarius states, 'A flag is seen turning into an Eagle. The dynamic incorporation of new social values in individuals who exemplify the spiritual potential and great significance of these values...A person able to fly in consciousness to the highest spiritual realm. The Archetype is given living substance and wings. The image has become a power.'

"The 4th Archangel Star is Aldebaran, meaning ‘The Follower’ as in ‘following the celestial general’, and is located at 15th deg. Taurus (sidereally), exactly opposite the Ascendent and the soul purpose. It is also located on one of the 'Points Of Avatar'. This star is also associated with war and is known as ‘The Watcher of the East’.

"Its opposition to the soul purpose is an indicator that Elvis was in conflict with himself, and that others near to him were draining him of the power needed to maintain his focused soul purpose. He was striving constantly to balance his warring nature, yet always being shown that which needed to be overcome through those around him.

"From ‘An Astrological Mandala’, the 15th deg. of Taurus states, 'The courage needed to meet the crisis precipitated by social ambition. Often he learns that nothing fails like success. The storm may be within him, or it may attack his social status. He shows a willingness to accept crisis and go through them, and therefore great character, the soil upon which a higher kind of consciousness is grown, may develop.'

"It is rare to have all 4 Archangel Stars in prominent positions in a chart. This would indicate not only the tremendous energy of evolutionary forces that were available to Elvis, but that his soul life plan was divinely guided and protected in ways we may not know or fully realize until a later time.

"In the chart of Elvis there are 2 Yods of ‘The Finger of God’ aspects. One with the ‘finger’ pointing to the Leo Mid-Heaven, the other is pointing to Saturn in Aquarius. According to Hermes, the Yod is the mysterious name of God.

"The Yod (triangle) represents a powerful unification of human awareness. It represents developmental potential and spiritual accessibility. The Yod symbolizes an aspect of fate where one is subjected to circumstances beyond one’s control.

"From ‘Astrology, Mundane, Astral and Occult’ by Noel Tyl. 'The Yod represents the zone of human experience that within time fills a void, synthesizes dormant potential, and adds a dimension to human development entirely unforeseen and out of context with what has gone before.' It literally means that the individual has a 'Destiny To Fulfill'. The Yod calls for the person to be responsive to the higher self. These souls have experienced some form of higher consciousness in past lifetimes, and they seek it again in this life.

"Thus there was a strong need for Elvis to share his inner knowledge and spiritual insights with others. The Yod pointing to the Leo Mid-Heaven brought him what was required to accomplish what he needed in the material world. The Yod pointing to Saturn in Aquarius showed him that he had a greater mission in life, other than that which the 3-dimensional world could offer. But to this greater mission, Elvis would not have the time for its fulfillment.

"Also in the same chart the Sun (soul awareness) and Mercury (mediator between soul and personality) and Vulcan (spirit, will, isolation), are conjunct the Galactic Center (The Galactic Center focuses the energy of Orion, location of the Blue Star Rigel, and the energies of the Pleaides).

"This cosmic connection allowed Elvis to be attuned to the signals of life, which brought increased insight from an almost precognitive perspective.

"Through the planetary connection to the Galactic Center, Elvis developed the ability and talent to tune into higher information that was progressively directed and became a component part of his destiny to relay that information to others.

"It is interesting to note that in Esoteric Astrology, the Sun, Mercury and Vulcan are considered ‘one light’. As man evolves, the influence of Mercury as mediator between the soul and personality is no longer needed and its light ‘dims’, leaving its influence behind. Vulcan’s influence wanes as man develops a relationship between the soul (Vulcan) and spirit (Sun). Both Mercury and Vulcan become ‘invisible’ until only the Sun remains. The Sun that remains is not the physical Sun, but the Great Central Spiritual Sun. Elvis’ Physical Sun may have dimmed in his last years on the earth plane, but the power of his Spiritual Sun remains a mighty and shining Star.

"From a lecture by A.A.B. 'An ancient book states, that Virgo prepares the ingredients, which are weighed in Libra, and in Scorpio the magical work is carried forward. In terms of the disciple, it means that; in Virgo I discovered the Christ in myself; in Libra I fluctuate between the pairs of opposites, form and the Christ nature until I achieve balance; and in Scorpio I am tested as to which will triumph, the form or Christ, the higher or lower self, the real or unreal, the true or illusion.'

"In the chart of Elvis, there are planets in Virgo and Libra, culminating at the Scorpio ascendent and the soul purpose. Thus relating Elvis to this triune expression of the soul life.

  "To further understand the extraordinary life and light of Elvis Presley, a brief introduction to the Great 7-Fold Life of the 7 Rays is needed. These are the 7-Fold energies or qualities of the evolutionary forces that constitute all that is. They are the ‘7 Spirits Before the Throne of God’. Their mighty power is stepped down and modified as they enter our solar system through the 12 signs of the Zodiac. They express within all that exists, the 7 fundamental qualities of which everything from atoms to the highest spiritual intelligence is composed.

"The understanding of the 7 Rays teaches the utilization of soul energy and throws light on the nature of the seeker’s own life, his special qualities as well as his place in the Great Plan. It links him with the understanding concerning a problem, whether it be personal, national or worldly.

"The Scorpio ascendent in the chart of Elvis Presley brings into play the energies of the soul focused on the 4th Ray of Harmony Through Conflict. According to the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, the 4th Ray is not due to come into manifestation until the year 2025 AD. However, it should be known that Systemic and Cosmic energies do not start and stop on a particular date or year. There are always forerunners of such energy expressions to set the stage for the new energies that will prevail and become more prominent in the future. Light in its many forms must be instilled into the mass consciousness beforehand, so that when that time arrives, the conditioning process of those energies has already been at work.
"This 4th Ray energy is extremely powerful as it finds expression through the Scorpio Ascendent in this particular chart. At the time Elvis came into form, there were few 4th Ray souls available for service. Yet, as a 4th Ray soul, Elvis took on a great deal more karma than the average person, because he wanted to hasten, not only his own evolution, but that of others.

"The 4th Ray takes the art of living to its utmost, and at the same time produces brilliant expertise in any area of expression. It was with the wise use of the 4th Ray energy that Elvis was capable of feeling for others and in many ways, not yet fully understood, heal others through his voice alone. The major task of the 4th Ray, as it worked through Elvis’ chart was to harmonize the new Aquarian ideas with the old Piscean beliefs, so that there would be no dangerous break or gap. Elvis adapted these 2 polarities so that the true pattern would be preserved. The 4th Ray energy produced in Elvis the possibility of expressing 3 bridging processes. The first bridge was the production of harmonious sounds and beautiful music, all of which helped others uplift their own consciousness and make it easier for them to make soul contact. The 2nd bridge was to express as a teacher, lecturer, writer or counselor of metaphysical principals and truth. The 3rd bridge was to act as a point of contact between humanity and the 3 lower kingdoms of minerals, plants, and animals.

"This 4th Ray expression gave Elvis the capacity for the art of synthesis so that his work could bring forward a truer presentation of the divine picture. He had the ability to sustain the stress and pressures, and to adapt and manifest eternally the qualities of persistence and hope.
"Esoterically, the Sun in Sagittarius (ruled by Earth) also gives Elvis a 4th Ray personality. Elvis was seen as the dashing, yet at times, reckless leader. In moments of excitement, he was the gambler, full of enthusiasm and plans, yet easily overwhelmed by sorrow or failure, but as quickly recovering from all reverses and misfortunes. He had many conflicts with himself and others through confusion and misinformation. It was through this 4th Ray energy, that Elvis often felt out of tune with the ‘whole’.

"His method of approaching the Path should have been one of self-control and discipline, thus gaining balance with the warring factions of his nature. He was constantly trying to seek explanations for his mental elations or sufferings through those around him. He may have more than once, sacrificed truth for harmony. He sought the eternal truths that would support him inwardly during times of stress. And he was constantly prepared to break down old values and standards and re-assemble them at a higher level of spirituality. The planets in the signs indicate the limitations and the possibilities that are presented to the soul for its continued liberation from the bonds of matter and form (a reminder this is a Sidereal chart - the author)

"1) Sun in Sagittarius - This is the placement that gave Elvis his hopeful, enthusiastic, inspiring and generous nature. Elvis had the ability to dramatize truth. He was a natural teacher and he was a vital link in humanity and its collective discipleship.

"2) Moon in Aquarius - Esoterically, the Moon is a dead orb, but veils and intensely transmits the energies of Uranus. Elvis could bring the abstract vision into reality. Had Elvis remained on the planet, he could have become a guiding light who infused wisdom into humanity; The humanitarian for the masses, leading the lost and intimidated into the light.

"3) Vulcan in Sagittarius - The persistence and endurance exhibited through Elvis, brought him to see a new and higher objective, so that he would have the opportunity to refocus himself towards a higher goal with the unfoldment of a basic and directing purpose.

"4) Earth in Gemini - Elvis experienced much sorrow in dealing with the pairs of opposites. He had the ability to comprehend extremes and relate them to each other. Yet he would experience major separations. Elvis could blend love and wisdom through the understanding of men and circumstances. He could have been the revealer of divine truths for humanity.

"5) Mercury in Sagittarius - Elvis exemplifies the philosophical artist. In every facet of life and the cultural arts, his reasoning invited the principal of truth. He then set it generously into his unique style of expression. His quick intellect worked between destruction and reconstruction. He became cognizant of the need to draw together his higher and lower self.

"6) Venus in Capricorn - Elvis loved the world, and poured an energetic creativity into it where none existed before. All life yearned for the warmth of the ultimate that this soul could attract. Spiritual transformation, the art of living and a willingness for self-improvement, regardless of sacrifice, would have eventually produced the ideal environment he so yearned for. His talent may very well have been for the beauty and service of all humanity. This is also the planetary position which indicates a rise in life to fame and distinction only to be brought down in later life by treacherous friends.

"7) Mars in Virgo - Cosmically, Elvis was being conditioned for outward activity. He had to rely upon his intuition to make the most of his vast amount of tension. He was capable of deep thinking. He could grasp an idea and elaborate on it. He was the practical spiritual warrior capable of an exacting detailed service. It is through this planetary placement that a wonderful purity of expression in the life of Elvis was seen and felt.

"8) Jupiter in Libra - Elvis used his ability of being outgoing and well-liked for self-expansion. This placement predisposed Elvis for over-indulgence, difficulties with partners and legal problems. However, this planetary position granted him a philanthropic nature, with faith in the future. He loved humanity and had a strong desire to help others. This placement amplified, not only his cultural and artistic expression, but of those around him. He expressed a sense of justice and balance in all his dealings with others.

"9) Saturn in Aquarius - This placement indicates that any form of self-indulgence was a deterrent to Elvis’ advancement. Elvis needed beauty and the light gained through knowledge and erudite friends and harmony to balance his life. Elvis needed to learn that the dark and ugly side of life was really misplaced force stimulated by a lack of understanding. At times he had difficulty understand other people’s goals. This planetary position indicates that past life debts were being returned for redemption. Thus any problems Elvis encountered had to be met with forgiveness. It was up to him to extract the truth from his experiences and share it with humanity.

"10) Uranus in Aries - This is the placement that made Elvis adaptable and versatile and impetuous. His nervous system was highly charged. He experienced many disruptions and conflicts in his relations with others, and he knew that he had to quiet his forces. He needed to learn the art of concentration and meditation to enhance his mental balance. As a forerunner of a better way for all men he needed to maintain his idealistic standards.
"11) Neptune in Leo - This combination promised Elvis recognition. His religious conditioning played a vital role. Yet, affairs of the heart robbed him of his creative tension. His artistry was veined with dramatic expression. This gave his performance an almost evangelical attraction and potency. Elvis ‘knew’ how things worked and the result of a particular action. Elvis was conscientious in what ever he did, and as this placement ‘needs the overflow of the heart to give the lips full speech,’ he was successful in imparting to others what knowledge he acquired. Elvis accomplished much by with drawing from the outer world. This gave his psyche strength, and provided the mystical ‘presence’ that was so necessary to the outer expression of his inner power.

"12) Pluto in Cancer - Elvis experienced much conflict in early life that made him feel thrust about by cyclic forces or caught between the crosscurrents of good and evil. He had an intense drive for the understanding of life’s meaning and the nature of the soul. The more he became exposed to spiritual philosophies, the more he felt at home. Elvis had an expertise in what was needed and desired to transform the world in a way that served truth and practicality at the same time. Elvis had a strong unconscious need to transform his own ego energies into group energies in order to live out his role in the evolution of the masses.

"The North Node in a chart is the symbol of the future. It represents a new experience yet untried. With each step taken, higher possibilities are seen, demanding more footsteps and more tests. But no one can reach the North Node experience until the karmic shackles of the past are released. The individual must let go of all the negative habits and memories that not longer serve him. He must be willing to walk where no one has walked before
"The major karmic lesson of the Capricorn North Node is indicated by the need for Elvis to identify with an ideal larger than the personality life (this was also exemplified in his choosing Aron vs Aaron as covered in the numerology portion of this chapter previously - author). In spite of his real or imagined personal difficulties, Elvis needed to ultimately stand for something. It was through this nodal position, that Elvis had the opportunity to establish an image through which others could look up to and model their lives after.

"At times personal difficulties would deplete Elvis of the strength he needed to maintain his image, yet maintain it he did, Even If It Meant Sacrificing His Entire Life. There was a strong need in Elvis to fulfill a ‘father’ image, either personally, publicly or spiritually.

"From ‘Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets’ by Barbara Hand Clow. 'Chiron in the 7th house is the place of maximum distortion about who we are. Who we are will always be distorted in the perceptions of others until we master polarity. The truth is that each end of the polarity is the same; I am you and you are me.'

“'Chiron’s presence in the 7th house signifies a dynamic of knowing the self through significant relationships on the personal level, and strongly affecting other people on a mass scale. This position is the essence of charisma. These individuals have enormous potential to express the collective unconsciousness of their times, and they have an uncanny ability to mirror the self-image of other people.

"'Chiron encourages the native to crave the adoration and adulation of others...and the identification of this energy is a revelation to the native. They need to understand how they are affecting people around them, or The Intensifying Adulation Will Attach To The Personal Ego And Destroy Them.'

"'Interpersonal relationships are usually so potent and distracting that the native can become blinded to their own inner knowledge. This placement is also very involved with mass consciousness, and often, some really valuable work is going on in that area. The native needs encouragement to become more conscious of the potent effect they have on others so they can know that the response from others to them is their teacher. Once they become aware of their effect on others, they release their inner gift. They need to become more conscious about the gift that the culture sees within them.'

"From ‘Esoteric Astrology’ by A.A.B. 'As a result of struggle and victory, the whole divine man is anchored upon the physical plane with such accuracy and clarity that there is no escape from the environing conclusions of the disciple’s family, friends and group, that He is a disciple. He learns the meaning of the word ‘example’; He is pillared by those who are onlookers and the first stages toward group awareness, group response and group service are taken.'

"For many of us there are still questions that remain. Did Elvis accomplish what he came in to do? Was he aware of his purpose? His Goal? His spiritual potential? Did he realize it all too late? Perhaps.

"There is a point to be made here. Perhaps only an idea to ponder. A great dichotomy in the life of Elvis has emerged. It is quite possible that Elvis fulfilled the destiny aspect indicated by the Yod pointing to the Leo Mid-Heaven. For it is here that he entered the public ‘battlefield’ as his life was thrust before the masses in all its glorious reverie. The music, the power, the attraction, the honor, were all placed before him to be conquered by it. Yet, he commanded it, took what he could from it and in the end gave it all back.

"Later in his life, when he began to fall from grace, beset with physical aliments and surrounded by those who would imprison him and drain him of his power, he realized he had no real control over his life or circumstances. The public battlefield became a star in his crown, but his personal battlefield became the sword that pierced his mighty heart. The glory became the burden until the spiritual goal and vision set before him, became only a distant and fading memory.

"His passing from this plane did not give him time enough to finish his spiritual journey, and thus fulfill the 2nd Yod pointing to Saturn in Aquarius. Elvis would remain the ‘hidden priest’ as the opportunity to pour the ‘spiritual waters’ upon the masses would have to wait until another time, another place.

"But the Great Triangle of Destiny found no expression, and he could not truly share what he knew with humanity. However, Saturn will not be denied. And he will return anew, unencumbered by success, in a more humble, focused and responsible life to once again point the way as a beacon of light before all mankind.

"It should be realized that we cannot know the requirements of the soul in any one life. No one, no matter how evolved, ever fulfills the total opportunity, expresses fully all the energies, or transmutes all the karma, provided by the parameters indicated in the astrology chart in a single lifetime. For until our experience sings with joy, there will always be more to do.... 'The personality is a song sung by the soul, and when there is silence the soul is preparing for a new harmony.'"

From ‘The Astrology of the 7 Rays’ by Davis and Raifsnider
“When the magic of the soul acts, the chemistry of transformation is limitless. Who knows what new patterns the soul may weave when the call is heard?”


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