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A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment - Edgar Cayce) Reading for Elvis - mid-1960's

Maia: As Wanda recalls it these many years later, while filming a movie on location in the mid-1960's, Elvis drove to the A.R.E. Center in Virginia Beach for a personal consultation. However before this, he had a written reading from A.R.E. done as a prelude to the in-person session. The reader did not know the written session was for Elvis Presley.

I found it quite confirming for me personally that the reading mentions he may have been incarnated as Alexander the Great and "were among the leaders of prosperous, classical Greece." Many years ago from my own akashic reading of Elvis’s incarnations I received that he had incarnated as Alexander the Great and also as the Greek orator and statesman, Pericles, who was the original instigator of the building of the Parthenon, among other achievements. The Cayce center reading also said, "You were strongly involved in building and found great appreciation in your work."

The reading mentions several Italian lifetimes. Although I did not write about it, I also received years ago that Elvis had incarnated as part Italian and Chinese! He had been born in China, the offspring of one of Marco Polo’s men. As an adult, he came to his paternal homeland of Venice to live out the remainder of his life. He was a very educated man, as he had the finest of education China - fluent in several languages.

I had also found his soul incarnated in several Egyptian lifetimes and at least one in India, and during the lifetime of Jesus ans one of his followers (all of which the A.R.E. reading below confirms).

Wanda June Hill: It was in the mid 60's-I think around 65 as he and Joa (Wanda’s sister-in-law) were really into Astrology and other kinds of things related He was having those dreams scaring himself and waking up struggling for air and running outside trying to get his breath He was very upset-the dreams...woke up throwing up and choking. He told Joa more than he told me-she was more receptive to that reincarnation theory, knew far more than I did about it and she was older also, wiser he thought probably as she'd lived longer She was 5 years older than he and me nearly 6 younger and she'd been into those kinds of things since she was younger.

The person who did the reading for him, did not know he was reading Elvis Presley-He told me that and also told Joa-it was her idea not to reveal his name until after the reading and he went in for the personal consultation The reading was done on his astrology chart and on his watch and a ring that did not have his name or even EP on them.  They also took the jacket he was wearing back to the readers His jacket was just a suit jacket that did not have his name anywhere but he had worn several times and had not had cleaned-which is what they requested They wanted his "vibration" his "aura" that would cling to his personal things, they told him.  That freaked him a bit too. No wonder he was so in awe of the place and the reading he got. I would have loved to hear the reading as it was recorded and given to him-it was done by a man and a woman and they were shocked when he walked in for the personal "interview" and reading.  They knew he was talented musically but thought he was probably a public service worker, or teacher...certainly didn't think he was a rock 'n roller he said and laughed about it.  He said they didn't ask for his autograph or even a picture of him...that impressed him too.


Excerpts from the A.R.E written session

From your past lifetime in Atlantis, and therefore being virtually 100% Atlantean, many contradictory emotions and actions are likely to be part of your experience, psychologically as well as physically. For instance, there will be periods when everything will flow very harmoniously, yet other times when absolutely nothing goes right. Being highly emotional and self-willed, you may often allow your feelings to run off with your better judgments, hence you require a well grounded center, especially in an ideal not on what others can do for you what you can do for them.

"Lord, I am your servant. Let me live a life so balanced that I become a channel which God’s love in the Christ can be manifested to others." This affirmation, along with consistent application of the one ideal of always being patient, will be invaluable in helping you resolve life’s confusions. The strong urges you feel from Neptune and it’s Uranian connection will frequently arise from psychic experiences and, at times, bring confusion. Yet, you should develop your psi abilities while avoiding the spiritualist, occultist and the more medium-like activities.

In the present, do act constructively on your need to be always guided by a higher will. Following THE higher will of God in the Christ is a blessing that can only make for a glorious opportunity to be a unique channel of service in this lifetime. In conjunction with the above affirmation, also helpful as meditational and spiritual centering aids are yoga, dance, Karate and spiritual studies are likely to be good outlets for your high sensitivities.

You will experience particularly painful emotions, at times, of feeling unloved and unappreciated by those around you. The moon is reflecting those emotions back to you from your past relationships and experiences, both in the Venus dimension of love and in previous incarnations in the earth. Your vulnerability and hypersensitivity involving affection are probably lined with one, who, in your previous life was, or in this life is, your mother from past lifetimes.

You feel challenged in your social interactions. Here is a prayer aid for this, which you could phrase in your own words: "Sometimes I feel uneasy, inept in a social atmosphere, Lord, yet I realize it may better serve Your purpose to have me interact with people. Therefore, I pray You will teach me how to handle myself better when I am among strangers or in unfamiliar surroundings. Prevent me from feeling nervous, self-conscious, or intimidated by others, lest I allow these fears to stop me from seeking growth through personal relationships. By extending my hand in friendship to those that I meet, I ask that all my apprehensions will cease."

You have by coming into the earth’s plane in the present, come under adverse influences from the Moon through Neptune. That is, Neptune, the dreamy planet of spirituality and mysticism, is affecting your emotional forces. This challenge brings you to be misled by others, as well as urges to delude yourself. The watery world of illusion and fantasy will also tend to mislead you unless you live out your unique individuality, your true soul identity, rather than living out your external personality. The Moon will bring you public acclaim and Neptune will give you mystery, seductive and alluring, bringing you great attention and acclaim from the opposite sex and that of your own sex. So powerful will this focused and united force upon yourself become, you will find it necessary to seclude yourself from public view and will need privacy in order to remain a calm center within. You will feel a need for self-preservation and bring the power of your will into full force in order to hold onto your inner spirit throughout your present lifetime.

While you are not fully conscious of these feelings, strange, unusual, and mysterious people from previous lives may be attracted to you. Having high ideals and therefore trusting these people-perhaps indiscreetly at times because, after all, they probably trusted you in your cosmic past—you may well experience difficulties through their deception of you. These deceptions will most likely occur through members of your own sex.

Also, because of your mercilessly high standards, you may attract souls this lifetime that may simply take advantage of your vulnerability. Applying this idealist, perfectionist standards to yourself as well as to others, discontent, complaints, and frequent fantasy are likely to be the results. You should concentrate on lessening your need for perfection in things that are important to your well-being and state of mind. No matter how many times you find yourself repeating an act or deed, it will not release your spirit if you cannot find something of quality and beauty in your daily achievements.

You are likely to face discouragements with your relatives and with social relationships as well. Your mental attitude may be too easily depressed or undermined by just one unkind word. Trusting, however, in things that are eternal, you can respond to life’s challenges by giving good, even for evil.

Dealing with people in the world of commerce would be well for you, especially in sales, in fact, you have exceptional abilities in handling people and you are able to make many sales-being a REAL sales person- You will light up the world of people and they respond and flock to your ideas every where you may go.

You are sensitive to a fault, at times suspicious and mistrustful of others. You often may jump to conclusions before your reasoning force has had the opportunity to put things into perspective for you. Yet, you can be loved into seeing alternative actions to follow, but seldom will this change your opinion unless you are able to reason everything out. You time alone, away from everything troublesome in order to do this reasoning and tend to run away rather than face up to discord and strife. In time, you return and are able to listen and may even be reasonable, though you will not always change your mind, but will keep your views to your self.

When you seek to mediate, perhaps in your viewing of nature, there is a tendency for you to become nervous from being in one place too long. Wearing the blue turquoise stone – particularly the blue lapis colors will also be a helpful influence for you in developing FORGETFULNESS to life’s hardships, especially the hard things said or done by others.

You have an inspirationally sharp mind that allows you to adapt yourself to most any situation. And with your abilities in the communication process you would be a master of diplomacy and a vocation dealing with many personalities would interest you. Having very decided likes and dislikes; then, you are therefore one who often finds yourself confused. Being somewhat impulsive, when overtaxed and confused you may suddenly decide something must be done NOW, even it if is the wrong thing. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as you maintain a balance and learn patience. One of your most difficult tasks is to learn to do nothing, to have patience and to wait for the right moment to arrive.

You are an inspired, super-sensitive, artistically and musically talented soul. In a gentle, sweet, sympathetic, and charming fashion you are romantic, yet dreamy. You are likely to have a fondness for animals, and to have a strong, compassionate feeling for all forms of suffering. You are also especially attracted to the beautiful in the opposite sex. However, adverse aspects to Venus and Neptune from other planets, Mars or Saturn, may bring you emotional instability, loneliness and, at times, intense changes and disappointments in your affections and love relationships.

Before returning to the earth to begin a new incarnation, you chose a soul flight pattern that took you through the consciousness environments of Venus and Neptune. The combined influence of these planetary experiences upon your inner urges makes you psychically very sensitive. Health wise, this gives you a delicate constitution that is somewhat susceptible to nervous, stress-related illnesses. Avoid overindulging in food or drink and try to exercise daily. Avoid smoking, alcoholic drinks and beware of drugs, as they will act negatively upon your body and mind.

Were you to apply your will concerning personal affections toward ideals of universal, unconditional love and Christ-like compassion, you could reach great heights of mystical and spiritual advancement. While thee may be challenges to overcome concerning laziness, as well as being too sheltered and dependent on others, you are likely to attract from past lives, souls who will be helpful to you in times of need or crisis.

You will have many opportunities and incentives for doing good-being constructive and creative—this lifetime. This means setting and holding to ideals of service for service’s sake, that the joys of knowing the source of good may be magnified in the world. Not that the good you do should be well spoke of, for that is superficial, lip service only. Engage yourself in creative service so that others may know that God IS, and those who earnestly see Him will truly and happily find Him.


Past Lives


A past lifetime in Palestine, perhaps during the time of Jesus or the Early Church, and before that, in very early Egypt as a participant in the temple service, are likely to be major influences upon your inner urges in the present. From these prior lives, you are inclined to have an overpowering humanitarian drive, with particularly strong compassionate urges to stamp out injustice and right wrongs, even to the point of self-sacrifice. Work in social services, the ministry, or spiritual cause would therefore be well chosen for you, for to give of your self, your talents is as fresh air is to your lungs and oxygen to your brain. It gives you life.

You will find easy harmony in what you do in life, if your activities are involved with people and things which come over, pass through, or move about from place to place. You may find and share with others, potentially great benefits through your unique and special gift of healing through the laying on of hands. Your Neptune experience in the afterlife come urges pertaining to the mysterious, to spirituality, and to all things of a mystical nature. This inclines you to have an especially mystical imagination and creative, musical and artistic talent. You would have a beautiful, full singing voice of unusual quality and timber, that would attract many persons to you and they will want to know you, in all ways. Your greatest gift is your voice and your spiritual nature that combines together to reach the heart and soul of those who listen.

On the more challenging side, because Jupiter has a special affect upon the liver, Jupiter’s proximity to Neptune at the time you selected to begin a new lifetime can bring you difficulties with your liver. This possible health problem is most likely brought about through dietary and nutritional imbalance, so be especially cautious in your diet, avoid drugs, and keep your alcohol intake to a minimum. You may have some heart problems due to stress related and nervous related tendencies and you must learn to relax and forget yourself and your worries. You are one who will tend to overwork, for the fun of working and you will find it difficult to relax, sleep through the night and to calm your mind as your ability to think on more than one subject at a time can wear you out in this lifetime. Sleep will be a major need for you, and you will do well to learn techniques to enhance a natural sleeping routine.

You may remember in deeper meditations and dreams, experiences of long ago when you were among great artists, builders, sculptors, poets and craftsmen of ancient India as well as Egypt and you were among the leaders of prosperous, classical Greece. Even the latter day Venice, Florence and other Italian cities and developed some of this love of culture, beauty and appreciation of art. You were strongly involved in building and found great appreciation in your work.

You also reincarnated in the American South just before the Civil war and in the present, you may have to learn the lesson of providing for your own needs, luxury, and comfort rather than having others provide these things for you. In face, one challenge lies in being to liberal or indulgent with oneself. In that past life you married a very young girl who gave you a child right away and then another, but she died before the baby was born. This past life may be present in this life time and you must take heed that you do not repeat past karma, for with your Venus, Mars influence you are attracted to younger women that return your memory to the past life-at the loss of your wife and child you took up arms and fought in anger against the North for destroying your home and life as you knew it. You were shot twice through the chest, at present; you may still feel those steel balls pierce your flesh in dreams. You lived many times in the Southern states and do, in this life as well. You have a great love for your country, especially for the southern states and life style.

You may recall a lifetime in the Roman culture, where priority was placed upon positions in society and in the military. You fought with swords and on horseback and was the son of a mighty ruler, though you left your father’s country to take up another of your own. You set out to conquer a vast area through the deserts and were known far and wide for your valor and abilities in battle. Your men feared and loved you, and numbered in the thousands.

You have a great passion and strong love nature and sex is important to you, it gives you the feeling of being loved, something that your nature needs constantly in order to soothe your mind and soul. It would be easy for you to suppress your sexual desires because of the memory of one or more past lives when you set aside your personal concerns for the good of others. Members of the opposite sex are important to you, give you comfort and attention, and an outlet for your spiritual nature, your need to give to others. You often feel lonely and alone in the world, you seek companionship from others at these times and because your needs are strong and not hidden, you have no trouble finding company when you desire it. In a past life in Arabia you were alone in your quarters and were attacked while sleeping-but for your handmaiden who slept in the next alcove should you need her, you would have been murdered. Instead, she gave her life to save yours. You may feel a need to make amends, to try to be worthy of her concern and love for you, by seeking women who have those feelings for you, in doing so, in giving them your time, love and attention you are making up for the loss of your handmaiden.

In one lifetime you were a monk, living in a monastery, teaching young people and were highly thought of as a teacher, one able to reach the young, inspire them and guide them on the path to Godly grace. This past life comes with you in the present giving you the ability to train young minds, to gain their respect and trust.

You in past lives were successful in religious pursuits like participating in the Holy Crusades to Palestine and neighboring lands. You were a master priest and rode in battle with your followers to the Holy Lands. You may also have followed or was the incarnate of Alexander the Great on his history-making, and Greek culture expanding, military excursions into Arabia and India. You are found among the ruins of ancient cities, lying amid the rubble is your likeness, from many past lives. Today, you still carry that likeness, still feel the stirrings of those times in your blood, dreams haunt your sleep and carry you across burning sands, up staggering mountains and into deep valleys... You have many past life children but several favorite wives could give you but one child each…before dying in childbirth. This past life experience will remain with you in the present life for you have the North Node adversely influencing your house of children…you will be a father but only one child shall live from any wife that you have in the present lifetime. This fear you feel today, that you felt thrice before in past lives.

You have an interest in learning what your dreams and visions have meant-water, angels and heavenly music has been important since your youth. These things remain important to you and benefit you today. You are in tune with the musical spheres of the Universe and hear the angels sing. You have lived many lives, once a physician of great power in ancient times, as a healer and laymen, you fought valiantly and died many times, your blood red upon the sand. You have killed many; you may have witnessed the persecution of the Christians who were put to death in horrible manner. Some how you may feel responsible for some of the killings, have dreams about horrors that you have experienced. Your past is very close to you and you are an enlightened spirit, filled with the light of the Christ love. As one of those special ones, you will find great love for you in this lifetime. You will have trouble accepting this adoration and love but it is yours, you have earned it over many life times and these are the people who were with you in those lifetimes. They owe you-you do not owe them. Live well, let God guide you, ask for His help and that His will be done in your life.

Your question regarding the length of your present life can not be answered in short terms or numbers. You will have adulation, reach the highest goals of any in your field of endeavor, you will suffer emotionally as you are but a man, and not a god, though you shall be thought of as being a god by many who will worship you. You will not reach your ambitions but you will find your way and have some joy and happiness in your life as well as a few rough spots. Your life span will be into the 1970’s and perhaps to the 1980’s, however this will depend upon your ability to refrain from overindulgence, laziness and if you practice self restraint and diligence in your daily activates. Alcohol and drugs, poor eating habits and lack of good nutrition will harm you and shorten your life. It is what you make it. Be well and be intelligent in the Christ.

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