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The Mystic Ring


top of ring

eagle shield on side of ring


Wanda June Hill was given a very special ring by Elvis which she recently (August, 2006) re-discovered in her vault. As she wrote to me about it:

This ring is very heavy, made from metal, not silver, not all gold and seems to be brass and something? It is big. On the sides are shields with the three point top and oval/rounded sides and bottom. On the shields that can still be seen somewhat, it's very well worn and old, are eagles with the wings spread and the head sideways-they are small and they are standing on big boughs it looks like, though hard to tell it's so worn. There is blue inlay of some kind below the bough and rounded areas that seem to be water maybe or perhaps clouds in the sky? Above the eagles head is a curved long vine or something with one arrow head looking leaf at the end? that's on the sides of the ring. The top has a large base that is beveled to look like to me, sun rays all around a center that has a raised bed of what looks like copper, and on top of that is another "set" that is about 1/2 inch long and a tad less wide with a cut off top and bottom to the whole thing. I will try to draw a picture of this entire thing. Now, in the center of the top setting is some kind of design that has gold set into it or onto it in the very center-when the light or sun hits it is sends a bright light out of it. The top is a rough cross as far as I can tell-it is worn down too, and there is behind the cross red color inlay. Across the whole bed is some white inlay that looks like maybe a robe-or part of one-it's worn down too. And at the bottom is about 4 curved narrow blue inlays . Now, the entire set with the color and markings is edged in gold. Around the under bed is a wreath of leaves that go all around the top setting of metal and colored areas. I can't tell what it is exactly but I think it has religious meanings in some way-spiritual meanings of some type. The entire thing is strange as it was very old and hand made-roughly hand made but extremely well detailed I imagine when new. This ring was given to him, he was supposed to give it back when he didn't complete the necessary steps and etc: that it took to reach his goal-to be a priest so he could really help people in need of spiritual guidance. This was when he was wearing those big scarves over his shoulders-different colors-white for step one, gold for step two and there was two more-with the last one to be lavender. I don't know the third now. He gave it up because Priscilla (even though they were separated and divorcing) and his father ridiculed his efforts and desires so much, and convinced him he wasn't able to handle his own problems-how could he even think he could handle anyone else's? etc. Anyway, he felt he couldn't do it-plus he couldn't rid himself of the sleeping pills entirely at that time either. He thought they were wrong for what he wanted to be and do also.

Anyway this ring was supposed to be more than 100 years old and I believe it-they would not take it back from him because they felt he should have it-he was very moved by that...

He didn't tell me much, just that it was old and that it carried within it all the "saints" who had gone before, given their life for their religious beliefs and to save mankind from evil and that it belonged to the master priest-which he was striving to become one of.  They gave it to him at his second ceremony and he was to take full charge of all it meant at the 4th but he never completed the 3 or 4th-and they wouldn't take it back as It "belonged with him" the head master told him. He ought to have it.  But to wear it sparingly as he had not fulfilled his full training and it was "powerful".

He said it was the only one, the original handmade and designed by those who formed the society of the brotherhood.  He would not say who, what or where...didn't want to talk about it...

I think I have seen pictures of him wearing it-on stage shots-but only a very few times...he gave it to me and said that I should keep it as it was valuable and the spiritual background of it was sacred. He wanted me to keep it, put it away safe and leave it there until I found the right place for it...that it would show me when the time was right. I should never wear it except when I needed to have spiritual strength and understanding as it would "protect and guide me" and then he said those many spirits from it's past...would be there for me. Well, as I said, I have been going through things and I had totally and completely forgotten that ring! It was kind of scary to have it, I put it up and forgot about it!!! Anyway, I have it out now and I thought maybe I can get some photographs of it. I don't have a clue as to what it is on it or what it represents at all.

He said it had come from European background and he was looking forward to being "worthy of it" and I think that is why he quit wearing it-he didn't want to keep it for fear it would "disappear" or he'd "lose" it somehow. I think he was afraid someone would take it or discard it because it's not actual gold or white gold-but it does have some on it. That center strip is almost like a lighting bolt but it's worn and you can't tell really what it was-but it certainly reflects the light! As does the edging which is very tiny and delicate.

* * *

I  (Maia) was shown by El'vis / Rhama Azul that the eagle depicted on the shield (see image above) is holding a serpent in it's beak. This is a typical symbology of creating balance over primal planetary forces. By the uninitiated it often meant "conquering evil," but this was not it's true meaning.

"Note that this is what is called a transcendental symbol, one that bridges two different dimensions, like the earth and sky. When Zarathustra came down from the mountain he was accompanied by a serpent and an eagle. The feathered serpent and winged dragons combine the two elements into one entity." -

An eagle with a serpent in this mouth is the insignia of the Tribe of Dan. In the article "The Mysterious Tribe of Dan" we also read that the "Mysterious Shar-Dana" (shar meaning "sharon" or a flat plain) descended from the Tribe of Dan. This is certainly interesting, since just about a week ago El'vis / Rhama Azul gave a message to me for the Meditational group on the ELC Forums on the Rose of Sharon.  (Please bear in mind that the above article is highly biased against the mystical, ie "pagan" and "idolatry" as they interpret it - but historically, it is a good reference to the basic history of the Tribe of Dan.)

The Twatha de Dannan of Ireland - the magical race of Ireland stems from the Tribe of Dan.

Interesting also that Lisa Marie first husband "Danny" is the father of her daughter "Danielle." Also mentioned in the above article is the song "Danny Boy" which was one of the last non-concert songs Elvis recorded. Indeed the name "Dan" comes from that tribe.

While it is not widely known, Elvis did have some Hebrew ancestors. Could they have been from the Tribe of Dan?

I receive from El'vis / Rhama Azul that this ring was originally crafted under the guidance of  Paracelsus. It is a ring of HEALING, although it is only a catalyst for the divine being within the individual to self-heal or transmit self-healing to others.  El'vis / Rhama Azul tells me that in a previous incarnation, he was the first one to wear the ring. Paracelsus oversaw the ring's creation, but it was to be worn by another - the first of a 'linage' of which the  El'vis / Rhama Azul soul was the first to receive it. El'vis / Rhama Azul declines to speak about the linage at this time.

more about the ring on the ELC Forums

some eagle and serpent symbology links:

Caduceus - Rod of Hermes

Constellation of Aquila (The Eagle)




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