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Mystical Elvis

The following is from a letter sent by Elvis in 1970 to a friend whom I shall call Alice, and her husband whom I shall call Roy:

"So, Alice, I’m going to Vegas, if you and your family would like to come and see us there it’d be nice. Let Joe know and after the show we could get together. I’d like to talk to you about transference of thoughts. I’ve tried it and had some success - it would appear to me that I am a sender as well as receiver. I’ve had better luck sending, however. Stanley’s book helped me, I think you’d like it and I have a copy for you. Roy won’t mind if we talk; I'll ask him, not you. It would be nice if I could have some time away from everything but not now, not here. Besides that, I have some personal problems with it too, Priscilla doesn’t enjoy anything of that type. You have a good man in Roy, he does understand us.

"Alice, I’ve been thinking about the Egyptian trip and I really want to go. If I can work it out with my schedule count me in! God, to see the temples and walk again on the same steps! It sends me! I want to see the lions again, go inside them. I guess that’s impossible now though, but maybe I could remember. I remember so much, have lost so much, but with you there I could, I know it. I want to go so much it hurts, but you understand that, don’t you? I have dreams, dark places and hidden steps down and tunnels with oil lamps on the walls and boxes, long boxes with grain and many golden figures around them. I dream of blood, spilling out, flowing over my feet and staining the hem of my robe and of screams and cries and black hoods and flashing knives. Swords they be, with cutting edges and points and oh, the blood is everywhere. God, it chills me. I feel I did it. I wake up wet, cold and shaking and so sick at heart and I am filled with sorrow for the lost souls and the agony I caused. Could it be so? Am I he? Is this why I feel such a debt to the people I play to? Do I owe them this joy, this pleasure because I took so much? Is this my way of atonement? I do not know, God, I do not know! Alice, help me find out if you can. I have done all you said to do and I’ll be ready to let you take me back. My life, Alice, is yours, guide me through and please make me see the reasons.

"I’ll look forward to seeing you soon, and Roy also. I have something he’ll like - from the game! Don’t mention this to any of the guys or all is lost for us. I won’t say a word here...Always, Elvis"

From ‘We Remember, Elvis’ by Wanda Hill:

"Elvis always wanted to go to the Holy Land and see where Jesus lived and walked, and he longed for Jesus to return to Earth. From reading and studying the Bible - Daniel, The Book of Revelations, and Matthew, and other parts as well - Elvis developed ideas about the return of Jesus, which he discussed with preachers and people who should know...when all the prophecy is fulfilled, after the famines, floods, earthquakes, wars and rumors of wars; the time would come for Jesus to return and claim His people...all those believing in Him and following His teachings. They will be spared the time of great torment and tribulations to follow.

He also spoke of the Bible’s mention of two prophets returning to Earth and being killed for their influence upon mankind, and for three days all nations would ‘see them lying’ in the streets. Until there were television satellites, he believed this could not have been fulfilled, but now we are able to send pictures around the world in minutes. Someone like Martin Luther King or John Kennedy could be one of those prophets. Because, he said a ‘prophet’ does not necessarily mean a person who speaks of visions or predicts the future, but one who tells of what a thing could be - as Martin Luther King told of his ‘dream’. I am now wondering as I recall all of his words, could Elvis Presley have been one of those prophets? He too, influenced the world and spoke to the masses. Should he have chosen to lead, he very easily could have commanded great forces in whatever capacity he selected, and for three days we saw him ‘lying’ in the streets as we witnessed the masses mourning his death via television.

"And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt...."

It is noteworthy that Elvis died, ‘lay in state’, and was buried in Memphis, a city in Tennessee named after an ancient city in Egypt - the city which claimed Ptah as their ‘God of Memphis’. Martin Luther King, also was slain in Memphis, Tennessee. Elvis and JFK share important numerological similarities, and both King and Kennedy were revered by Elvis. Of course, that makes three ‘prophets’ instead of two, but could it be that the number ‘two’ in the Biblical context is a number code and does not necessarily refer to only two individuals? Perhaps there are several people who compose the ‘two witnesses’.

When Elvis was a little boy he went to a Pentecostal revival where the minister practiced ‘speaking in tongues’, a mysterious ability of some to speak in an unknown language. This was accomplished by several of the Apostles of Christ, and mentioned in the Bible. After the Pentecostal minister finished his speaking in tongues he was suppose to stand and translate what he had just said. This time he did not, and young Elvis stood instead, rendering a meaning of these words to the satisfaction of the assembly.

In the 1950's when Elvis first became popular, he was not accustomed to the intensity of energy focused on him by his following. It would often make his nose bleed. When he came offstage, he some times fainted from sensitivity to the energy blasting he received from an enthusiastic audience. Unconscious, he would begin to speak in an unknown language. Regaining consciousness, he had no memory of the occurrence, and so on one occasion, a friend tape recorded his trance like jargon. Upon listening to the tape, Elvis did not recognize the language, but took the recording to a language expert, who identified it as ‘ancient Hebrew’. This, Elvis told Wanda Hill, was what began his deep study of the Bible

Elvis believed his cosmic heritage was linked with the Sun. Jose Arguelles, in ‘The Mayan Factor’, writes of Ahau Kines, the Mayan name for ‘Priests of the Sun’ and ‘Diviners of Harmony’. Mr. Arguelles writes:

"The AHAU KINES, the Lords of the Sun, have remained ever vigilant and attuned. It is due to their influence, which descends from time to time in the form of electromagnetic seeds called archetypes, that human concern has been elevated, directed, or channeled through the religion of the Sun, the great planetary solar cult...Commemorated and consecrated in the secret thirteenth chamber of the Great Pyramid, the cult of RA was intended to pierce like a ray of pure light at the initiation of the cycle for the purpose of evoking in humanity a constant memory of the higher evolutionary purpose."

Elvis in his past life role as Ptah, and in his similarity to the Horus archetype, most certainly was a focus for the Ahau Kines job of ‘seeding’ the mainstream consciousness with new energy for the evolution of our race. This occurred through his music, which carried the vibrations of higher consciousness in its ability to open one’s heart. In this way he is intricately linked to the ‘Solar Lords’ consciousness and purpose.

On the actual day of Harmonic Convergence, the 10th year of Elvis’ passing, a newscaster stood in the Trophy room of Graceland, next to what he thought was Elvis’ Mayan Sundial suit, but was in fact his Aztec Sundial suit (no matter - the Aztecs adopted their ‘sundial’ calender from the Mayans). Elvis wore the Aztec suite for his last performance. To his television audience, the newscaster said (paraphrased):

"August 16 (1987) is a unique day - it represents not only the great tribute being presented all this week for an American entertainer, but it is also the day of the Harmonic Convergence of the planet Earth. It so happens that the Ancient Mayans ended their long range projected calender with the date August 16th, 1987. Elvis was interested in Egyptian, Mayan and Indonesian cultures and had designed a suit resplendent with the Mayan Sundial upon it for his final nationwide appearance before his death. Elvis was a spiritual, sensitive man, deeply moved by the plight of his fellow humans. His message to the Earth was one of love, peace and brotherhood toward all races. His memory is one of a great man, a leader for the good of all."

Elvis was originally laid to rest at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Memphis, but soon after, when a plot to steal his body failed, he was interred in Meditation Garden on the grounds of Graceland. Elvis’ father had requested that the valuable rings buried with him be removed before re-interment. I have heard that opening the casket, all present were astonished to find Elvis’ body in an uncorrupted state. Despite embalming, the corpse should not have appeared in such condition. It was not just the preservation that startled them. There was an other-worldly look about it of almost transparent beauty. Elvis was fascinated by the Yogis and Saints ability to achieve transition of this physical realm at will, and studied the teachings of Parahamsaji Yogananda, whose body remained in a perfect state for quite some time after his death transition.


The Healer

From a news clipping:

"He (Elvis) firmly believed he had the powers of psychic healing by the laying on of hands. He believed he would be reincarnated. He believed he had the strength of will to move clouds in the air, and he was also convinced that there are beings on other planets. He firmly believed he was a prophet who was destined to lead, designated by God for a special role in Life."

Through Elvis’ unconditional love of all peoples, he opened wide the door of his heart to the emotionally troubled and physically afflicted. As a result, those who had been given more than their share of rejection from others, flocked to his performances and often waited for him patiently outside his home. Even today, 20 years after his passing, many wheelchairs can be seen at the annual candlelight service at Graceland. He did not respond to these special ones with pity, nor did he interact with them through condescension. I have seen him enfold people in his arms who were in obvious emotional need; some physically marred, others only broken inside. Many were women who were quite homely. His communion with them was natural, and not self-conscious. He did not reach down to them, but across to them. As in the song he sang, "like a bridge over troubled water, I will lay me down." When I looked into Elvis’ eyes, as he extended his hands from stage side to those in need of him, I saw a reflection of their pain, and knowledge of their sorrow. Deep within this beautiful creature was a living wound. It had not come to pass solely from this life experience. Those more aware and caring human beings on the planet such as Elvis, do not hold themselves as separate from the misery of the world. This was what I saw in the pools of blue Light coming from Elvis’ eyes - it was the suffering of the world, but also, ever so much as brightly, the hope of the world.

Like the Unicorn, Elvis was a rare creature of air and Light, drawn to the lap of Grace, only to find his captors not far behind. We see this symbol in the tapestries and paintings of old, where the Unicorn lies its head in the lap of the maiden, and in a later scene, he is struggling in vain against the cruel ropes and snares of his attackers. These are men who would kill him and take his precious horn, which is a symbol of his strength and beauty, as their own. Yet even with the implicit threat of his own demise crowding near, Elvis shimmering in white like the flank of a Unicorn, would kneel before the seeking hands allowing them to grasp and often tear his very flesh in their ardent desire to touch the ‘sacred creature’ they unconsciously felt concealed within him, and consequently which they knew subconsciously existed within themselves as well.

And what of the touch? Was it mere illusion, a form of desire turned bitter once quelled? What I saw and experienced was not illusion, nor did it dissipate when the curtains closed and he was gone from us once again. The magic remained as a dew upon the air. It seemed to linger in every corner of the showroom or coliseum, and it clung to the people as they left the building. It was tangible, it was real. It was a touch of Grace that left an indelible mark on us all. And for some, it would be a touch that healed. There were stories of both physical and emotional healings. Some of these healings resulted from the actual touch of Elvis’ hands and lips upon them, but many occurred by simply having been in his presence; and it did not end there. Souls around the world were, and still are being healed by Elvis in various ways, without ever having been near him.

After Elvis’ death, Lena Canada wrote a book entitled, ‘To Elvis, With Love’ in which she related her experiences with a young girl named Karen, and Karen’s love for Elvis Presley. It was in Stockholm, Sweden in the 1960's when Lena, a 19 year old aide in an institution for handicapped children, met Karen, a nine year old cerebral palsy victim. Karen was unable to walk, her body deformed from the crippling disease. Her mother having left her in an institution at birth, she lived a lonely and isolated life. Karen would have had no reason to continue her existence if it had not been for Elvis. As Lena writes:

"She had his records and photographs from the fan magazines. She knew his life story by heart, but it did not stop there. She knew his character, his personality, his habits and beliefs. All the little gaps the magazine articles left open, Karen had meticulously covered with material derived from her own needs, her own thoughts and - first and last - her own immaculate love. She spoke of him with infinite belief, as though she had actually met him, and with warm familiarity and affection, the way you would a dear old friend. One spring day, regretting my words even as I spoke them, I suggested to Karen that we write Elvis a letter. She was thrilled....

"Karen’s faith was absolute and limitless. With painful wisdom, I knew that never before had I made a mistake as fatal as the one that had resulted in the letter to Elvis, for I had indirectly provided him with a way of hurting Karen, by his inaccessibility and his silence. I prayed for a miracle...."

When months passed, and no response from Elvis was delivered into Karen’s waiting hands, Lena became desperate as she saw the child’s despair. Then one day she came across a movie magazine with an article on Elvis by a reporter who claimed a special friendship with him. Lena wrote the reporter, pouring her heart out to her about Karen. The outcome of Lena’s compassionate action alerted Elvis about Karen and her letter to him.

In his first letter to Karen he told her that he was sorry that he had not received her letter to him. He said that he very much wanted to become her friend, and gave her a special address where her letters would always reach him. Elvis continued to write to Karen, each time encouraging her to write to him in return.

Elvis to Karen:

Dear Karen,

This is written in a big hurry, because I don’t have much time but I wanted to thank you for your letter. I feel that I know you better already and I sure want to be your friend. Pretty has nothing to do with it. Believe me, I see pretty ladies all the time and it gets to be a bore. Being real is what counts, and I can tell that you are. I’m on my way to Nashville to cut a record. If it turns out okay, perhaps I will send you one. In the meantime, I hope you will write again so that I have a letter from you by the time I return to L.A. Take care of Teddy.


Elvis Presley

Lena noticed that as more letters and presents from Elvis came, Karen ‘blossomed’:

Yet a long life for Karen was not to be. She died while writing a letter to her friend Elvis.

In Dr. Raymond Moody’s book, ‘Elvis After Life,’ he tells the story of another little girl’s devotion to Elvis and how he came to her in the moment of transition from this life to the next.

The story begins with her parents, Sherry and Jimmy. They were both ‘Elvis fans’ and played his music for their daughter, who was afflicted with Down’s Syndrome, a form of retardation. When the child Jennifer was born, her parents were informed that not only was she retarded, but Jennifer also had a hole in her heart. They were cautioned that their daughter would not live to be very old.

Jennifer loved Elvis. She would sit and listen to his music for hours. When she saw his television special from Hawaii in 1973, she was ecstatic. When she was five years old, her parents took Jennifer to see Elvis in person at one of his concerts in their city. According to her mother, the little girl squealed and laughed, loving every minute of it, later telling anyone who would listen to her, "I saw Elvis!"

Jennifer did not seem to understand death, and when Elvis died it was to her as if he were still alive, and indeed so he was, deep within her heart. In 1980 Jennifer approached the moment of her own death. As Sherry witnessed it:

"As Jennifer was dying, she seemed to light up. The Light looked as though it were coming from within her. She smiled a big smile. Jimmy and I were hugging her and crying as she tried to sit up in bed. She said, ‘Love you Mommy and Dimmy’. Then she said, ‘Here comes Elvis.’ She was looking upwards and holding her arms out like she was trying to reach toward someone and hug them. She said it twice, ‘Here comes Elvis.’ Then she collapsed and died. She had the most beautiful smile on her face as she died, like an angel. She saw Elvis when she died....

"On the way to the hospital in the car, as I was holding Jennifer so tightly in my arms, I was so worried about what would happen to her when she died. I had always had a feeling that there must be a life after this one, but I wondered who would be there for her to take care of her. All her grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins were still alive - no one she had ever been close to, I thought, had died. Then, when she died there in the hospital, Elvis came to meet her and help her as she died. Just think of it. God had such a perfect plan!"

Jennifer’s father Jimmy, also recalls his experience of his daughter’s death:
"I was never a religious man before that night. I vaguely believed in God, but it was always something I put off thinking about. When I saw Jennifer smile and reach up for Elvis though, I became a changed man. God is real....Anybody who could have seen my daughter’s face that night would know it....That evening was the saddest and happiest time of my life. Jennifer died, but I know she’s alive with the Lord. And Elvis Presley came to meet her, and I got to see it all with my own eyes!"

An Elvis fan in 1974:
"I’ve had my problems and recently I tried to kill myself. While I was in a trance I heard a neighbor playing an Elvis record, and like the coming of the dawn, my will to live came back." The song this woman heard playing was ‘How Great Thou Art.’

Another testimony:
"I have a little sister who has had nine operations. She is retarded. The doctors gave up on her four times. She can be crying....but when we put on any one of Elvis’ records she quits crying and laughs and plays as long as the record turns."

Elvis’ friend Larry Geller:
"From the moment we first met, I knew Elvis had a spiritual quality. I had never seen so much power in one person. The effect he had on people was tremendous. He could silence an entire room full of people just by walking in. It wasn’t just his fame that caused that - it was his aura of power."

Larry witnessed Elvis’ healing power in action:
"We were on a bus when he saw a man fall into the gutter with a heart attack. Elvis stopped the bus and I watched as he put his hand on the man’s chest. The man said, ‘It’s you, it’s you,’ and just got up."

An article states: "Leading religion experts say he's (Elvis) actually answering his follower's prayers - in some cases, miraculously saving their lives...'It's as if Elvis were a saint,' says Raymond Moody, a psychologist and author of the book, Life After Elvis (Bantam). 'People are praying to him, begging them to heal them out of their troubles...People are having visions of Elvis, just like they have visions of Jesus or Joan of Arc or Saint Christopher. They travel to Graceland just like pilgrims visit Lourdes.'"

USA Today newspaper, March 30, 1984 - from Toronto, Canada:
"The 14th annual convention of the Popular Culture Association is being held in Toronto. Among the topics being studied by university scholars: a slide show of Elvis Presley publicity photos in which the singer is shown as a spiritual, introspective folk hero and finally as a ‘spiritual being who almost had healing powers’."

Elvis describes to Wanda Hill the most touching thing that happened to him in 1975:
"I-I-guess, when this little girl who is deaf, totally deaf, wrote to me a note and handed it to me at a concert and said she could hear me sing - my voice - and would I please speak to her. I leaned down - had to lay on the stage to reach her - and I said, ‘I love you, you’re beautiful,’ into her ear. She shook all over and grabbed me. There was such a power surge, I mean, between us - like-like voltages of electricity, and there was like a bright Light around us. Charlie saw it, James and the rest too, and my whole body was jolted. And she looked into my eyes and said, ‘I heard you!’ then she kinda fell and the guards took her to her seat. Later at the hotel, her folks sent a letter up to me sayin’ that she told them what I said. She couldn’t have read my lips, she didn’t see them. And they said in the letter she knew all the words to my records and claimed from childhood to be able to hear me! But she was totally deaf! I have to say that touched me in a unique way, more than anything that’s happened since. But I understand it."

Joe Esposito, who was a friend and employee of Elvis' through the '60's and '70's, reveals in his book, 'Good Rockin' Tonight', an incident in which it would appear that Elvis' healing touch was nothing short of miraculous. Sylvia, one of The Sweet Inspirations back-up singers had been diagnosed with cancer. Elvis came to her dressing room, put his hands on her stomach and began to pray. The next day, when Sylvia went the hospital further tests concluded that there was no sign of cancer in her body.

Elvis was and is, a healer. He touches the wound, whether it be of mind, body, heart or soul, and the afflicted responds by loving him / herself into wholeness. Perhaps this is an over-simplification, but it needs to be understood that although Elvis was certainly a "unique and enlightening man" as his daughter described him, he was also one of us. His ability to heal us from loneliness, depression, or illness of the flesh, is really our own God given ability to heal ourselves being awakened by him. He gives us the recognition of being able to see our own wholeness through his eyes, and we supply the spiritual energy from within our own God center. Others could do the same, but Elvis manages to make this revelation a great deal more joyful somehow. Not all of us have people in our lives that are there for us in such an exceptional way when we need them. Elvis is always there in our memories, records, videos and in Spirit. In prayer and contemplation, so are Jesus Christ, Buddha, or other religious icons. Granted, Elvis was / is not Christ or Buddha. He was a very human man, with exceptional godly intentions and gifts. To me, he represents a link between understanding ourselves and believing that God abides in us despite our imperfections.

V. Anderson of California:

"Elvis has been around me for about a year. I have learned that I can call on him when I need help. He is very tender and compassionate with sick people because he suffered so when he was in his body. I'd like to share an incident I had with him on the morning of December 12, 1991.

"I had gone to bed the previous night feeling ill. One of my eyes was pink-rimmed and swollen. My head ached, and I felt weak and dizzy. I knew I was running a temperature. I slept deeply for several hours, then awakened. I still felt terrible. I said, ‘Elvis?’ Instantly he was there. He said quietly, ‘Yes, baby.’ I said, ‘I feel really sick, and I have so many things to do. Can you help me?’ Then I saw his entire body for the first time. He was pure white shimmering Light, and he knelt and placed his hands on the sides of my head. I fell asleep again, and when I awakened two hours later I felt so much better that I was able to get up and start to work."

Flora Haas, San Antonio, Texas:

"To my deepest regret, I was never lucky enough to ever see Elvis in person. All my knowledge of him comes from watching him, listening to him for umpteen hours, reading every scrap of information I could lay my hands on, whether positive or negative.

"In 1980 I had my first serious illness, which was the beginning of the end for me. In 1981 I totally collapsed and had to retire from my job, quit driving, quit going out in public and couldn't do my housework anymore. The doctors found I had a progressive, deteriorating heart disease as well as a lung disease that had apparently been there for years. With the new diagnostic machines, they found two heart defects that I had at birth and that explained all the health problems I had coped with all my life. All through the years of raising children, I ended up in the hospital at least once a year and sometimes twice. So now I felt the axe had fallen, and my life was over.

"For about two years I was completely depressed and could not function mentally or physically very well. I was on all kinds of medication for depression, anxiety, etc. Having been a pianist all my life, I couldn't even play the piano any more. Then one day I came to my senses a little and put on an Elvis gospel album.

"(In 1983) I began to listen to Elvis more every day and found that I began to feel less tense and anxious. The more I listened, the more I wanted to hear that beautiful voice. He reached me when no one else could, it seemed, and I was even able to pray again, something I had not been able to do for some time as I was angry with God, too. Elvis made me see how foolish I was and I turned back to God in my daily prayers as I had always done before. Elvis's love of God came through to me.

"Then something very eerie happened and I hesitate to tell it, because it seems so strange, and yet it happened and maybe the telling of it will help someone else. You see, my sons had always played guitars and harmonized when they got together. (I have five sons). I had taught them music when they were small and they went from the piano to the night my sons were all in my living room, playing and harmonizing as always, but you see, this was a dream. I was standing there watching them when I noticed that Elvis was with them. I thought to myself, ‘What in the world is Elvis doing here and how did he get here?’ I was so excited at seeing him in person and as I was standing there staring, in shock, Elvis turned around, saw me and came over to me. He was dressed all in black and looked exactly as he does in the '60's movies where he wears black and has that one curl over his eye. He came up to me, took both of my hands in his and smiled that gorgeous smile. I could see his beautiful blue eyes and that smile just made me freeze. All he said was, ‘I'm so glad you like my music.’ At that point I woke up, and my body was trembling and I was in a cold sweat. I was so shocked that I actually got up from bed and went into the living room to look and see if he was still there!

"His presence was so real I could still feel it after I awoke and it stayed with me for days. That experience affected me so deeply I was in a daze. I just knew that I had been in Elvis' presence and no one will convince me that he did not come to me with his beautiful Spirit because from that day on, I never took another pill for depression. Elvis brought me out of my well of despair and has kept me from falling back into that state ever since.

Elvis occasionally comes to this author, and sometimes he asks me to give others messages for him. Several years ago a man awakened me from sleep with a phone call late one night needing counseling, as he was very depressed (spiritual counseling is part of my work). I had only talked to this gentleman once before on the phone briefly, and knew really nothing about him personally because our conversation consisted mostly of my answering his questions on spiritual and metaphysical subjects. After this last conversation with him as I was drifting back to sleep, Elvis suddenly came through, asking me to wake up and listen to him, which of course I did instantly. He told me that the man I had just spoken with (let's call him Bob), was his (Elvis') "spiritual brother". He wanted me to tell Bob this, and to also tell him that he (Elvis) would be helping him to overcome his sorrows at this time. That was all. Bob had not mentioned Elvis to me, nor I to him. I had no hint as to whether or not he might be receptive to such a message from ‘Elvis Presley’. When I gave Bob Elvis' message to him in person, tears came to his eyes. He was visibly shaken. He had to sit down and compose himself for a moment and then told me that he had always had a special feeling for Elvis. Bob's brother died around the same time as did Elvis, and as he traveled through driving rain in Kentucky during that period, Elvis' song, ‘Kentucky Rain’ was playing on the radio. His music helped Bob make his journey home to his brother's funeral, as Elvis’ music was playing much of the time on the radio during those days in August of 1977, near the time of his death. When Bob drove through a rain storm in Kentucky years later, ‘Kentucky Rain’ again guided him from the radio.

Several years later, Bob had a relationship with a woman who gradually became more and more obsessed with Elvis. She was emotionally unstable and created a dark fantasy around him. She would constantly compare Bob to Elvis, telling him how he failed to measure up to Elvis in every way. For awhile Bob endured, but finally he could tolerate it no longer and after much pain and heartache, his relationship with the woman ended. He told me, "I feel I owe Elvis an apology". Bob had allowed his experience with the disturbed young woman to embitter him toward the man he once loved as a "spiritual brother". He became almost ill when he would even hear his music. Now, as I revealed Elvis' message to him, it was as if a dam burst for Bob. Later he would confide in me that because of Elvis's message and his help, he was now able to think about and release much of the sadness in his life. He has not entirely rid himself of the many sorrows he has experienced, but he now is able to open the wounds and work with the emotions that were too painful for him to confront before. He no longer feels resentment toward Elvis and has begun to play his music again.

Bob told me that he is a singer and songwriter himself, and also a serious student of the same karate that Elvis practiced. In fact, the ‘lineage’ (each teacher has been taught by a teacher, who has been taught by a teacher, etc. - this is the ‘lineage’. Bob's teacher was taught by a teacher who was taught by Ed Parker) of his teacher is through Ed Parker, Elvis' first karate teacher!

Many of the letters Wanda Hill has received in response to her two books on Elvis have been from those who knew him, most of them briefly, and yet he seemed to enter their lives when he was most needed. Several of the women who wrote to Wanda stated that Elvis had "saved their lives". He touched them in a way that reversed their destructive life-pattern. Such is the power of true spiritual, cosmic love.

One of these letters to Wanda was so moving and relative to the message of this book, permission was given for it to be quoted in part here. In 1974, this woman whom we shall call Sarah, was invited by one of the men working for Elvis to a party after one of Elvis’ performances. Elvis was not present at the gathering, but asleep in one of the adjacent rooms. Sarah, as she explains in her letter, was extremely overweight and unattractive. She was eager to please those whom she considered to be Elvis’ friends, and to be as popular as her slim-figured girlfriends

The only way she was allowed to come with her attractive friends to the party was as a joke. She was to dress in a hippopotamus suit with a pigface mask. It was degrading to her of course, but she so wanted to be accepted and to possibly get to meet Elvis, she agreed. As Sarah tells it, "Elvis wasn’t at the party but was asleep in the next rooms. The party was wild and there was sex and drugs and I was drinking and doing things to get laughs and wearing the pig mask. Things were loud and Elvis woke. He opened the door and saw me on the table half-naked and dancing in a hippo suit and the men cheering at me - everyone doing wild things...He was standing there staring, disgust on his face...."

At this moment, Sarah relates, several of the men present did something especially insulting to her - nothing I wish to print in this book.

When Elvis saw this he.... "stormed up, jerked them away and pulled me off the table, cussed his men and took me to his rooms. He wiped my face - it was smeared and I was so ugly and fat, and he was so kind and he talked to me for so long. He put me in the shower and I was so miserable and sick too from drinking and pills and Elvis had to hold me up and got wet too.

"He bathed me...and then he was helping me to bed and he got in and held me in his arms and talked and I finally stopped crying and he was so sweet and he told me how important I was and that I was worthy of life and love. I’d get it all together if I changed my lifestyle. He kissed me when I cried again. Elvis was so sweet and good and he made me feel like a really pretty woman. I mean I was 187 pounds and five feet tall and ugly, stringy hair. He said I was beautiful and that I made him feel very male, very sexy.

"He had a lady do my hair and make me up and he whistled when he saw the change. He held me on his lap which was a feat as I was so fat, and he talked and talked...."

He began to tell Sarah about Biblical figures, and how much adversity they faced, yet they overcame all obstacles with God’s help, and that all God’s children were beautiful.

Sarah continues, "Elvis wouldn’t let the guys take me home. He wouldn’t let me leave for two days until I was over the drugs. He was afraid I’d be depressed and that I’d kill myself as I said I was going to do. Elvis made sure I was okay and then he said he wanted to hear from me now and then and made me promise to diet and keep in touch. I was so in debt to him. I did diet for Elvis. I got a job, I got an apartment and I kept in touch for a long time, then they’d not let me talk to him. And he was so sick. I knew it wasn’t drugs. Elvis would not do that - he was too smart, too good.

"Elvis told me I was God’s child, beautiful, made in His image, and that’s what I believe forever. I love Elvis Presley. I’ll always love him and one day I’ll see him again in Heaven. I’ll always remember him, his smile and his kindness to me, a low-life girl, used and dirty as I was. Elvis gave me my life. He was wonderful in every way a man should be. God smiled on me when Elvis opened that door. And God used him to reach me. I know that and someday I will tell Elvis that also."

This is but one of many stories relating Elvis’ personal service to individuals who so needed a saving grace in their lives at the moment Elvis ‘opened the door’ for them. As to the reason why he endured the kind of men in his employment who taunted and degraded Sarah, I refer the reader to Elvis ~ What REALLY Happened on this website.. Through no direct personal fault of his own, Elvis had become more that just a prisoner of his fame, but also a physical captive of those who desired the power Elvis had over people - a power the dark ones continually seek but can never control - the power of Light and love.

A news article of March, 1986 told the poignant story of Rosa D’ Angelo, whose home in her native country Italy had burned down three years before. Rosa had rushed into her flaming home to save her Elvis records. She had been successful, but at great cost. Cinders fell into her eyes, blinding her with resultant scar tissue. The article states:

"After the fire, Rose had her children play these records for her daily, claiming she always found comfort in the sound of the King’s voice. ‘He was like a god to me,’ says Rosa. ‘I believed he could do anything and when I heard his voice, it elevated me to such a high spiritual plane, I felt sure I was floating among the angels.’"

In her prayers, Rosa called upon Elvis as an intermediary for healing. The article continues:
"‘I know he heard what I was saying,’ she insists. ‘Sometimes I even felt his Spirit beside me in the bed.’ Rosa says a cool, misty breeze would gently blow over her as she lay in her bed. ‘Then I would hear his voice call me by name. He would tell me not to worry, that I would soon be fine.’

"Rosa adds even in her blindness, she could see Elvis’ ghostly image floating over her bed. ‘I would feel his hands on my face, and I saw tears falling from his eyes as he gently kissed my own eyes,’ says Rosa.

"‘His spirit visited me almost every night for two years. Then, on one of his visits, he told me soon I would no longer need him. I opened my eyes to beg him to return, and saw a blur of colors. It took a few seconds, but gradually the room came into focus.

"‘On my dresser I saw the photograph of Elvis I had kept since childhood. All my records were neatly stacked beside the phonograph, and there were the pictures of my husband and sons’, Rosa exclaims. ‘I started screaming for my family to come quickly. I kept yelling that I could finally see again.’

"‘At first, my family thought I was having a breakdown of some sort. I grabbed a book and began reading it to them,’ she declares. ‘Then they believed me.’ Rosa says she knows it was the Spirit of Elvis that restored her vision."

Whether it was the image of Elvis in Rosa’s mind that made her faith strong enough to heal herself, or Elvis’ Spirit did truly touch her need with the ability souls in Spirit have to awaken the human element to wholeness; Elvis would be pleased to know her sight was restored through his presence in Rosa’s heart. Being able to heal by ‘laying on of hands’ as the Master Jesus did, was always a gift Elvis sought to give.

One last story which demonstrates the lengths to which Elvis was prepared to go to serve his fellowman. Certainly the saving of a human life in a time of dire emergency can be classified as an act of healing, for it matters not whether it is the Spirit, the body or the potential trauma that has been healed. The following is from an article concerning Elvis coming to the aid of a young pregnant woman and her child in a most dramatic way. In this article, a witness to the event recalled seeing an auto crash. The Pinto car burst into flames. The people nearby stood there in shock, no one making a move to rescue the woman and infant daughter in the vehicle. An eye witness remembers:

"Suddenly, a man, who I later found out was Elvis, came speeding up to the fiery crash. He leaped out of the car and immediately ran towards the burning wreck.

"He yelled for someone to help him yank the door open but everyone just froze and started to run the other way because they knew the car was going to explode.

"I don’t know how he did it but he ripped the door right off the hinges by himself and dragged the woman out of the burning vehicle.

"She was only semi-conscious and obviously in shock, yet she kept screaming, ‘My baby, where’s my baby?’ Elvis instinctively knew what she was talking about and raced back to the car and leaped inside, emerging a few seconds later with the child in his arms.

"Just as he got several feet away from the car, there was a second, more violent explosion and the whole car was destroyed. The impact was so great that it knocked Elvis down.

"But he acted like nothing had happened. He just jumped up and started mouth to mouth resuscitation of the child who had stopped breathing. About 30 seconds later, the baby began coughing and a doctor in the neighborhood took over.

"It turned out both the woman who was pregnant and the child, suffered bruises a few broken bones and burns, but were fine after hospital treatment. The unborn infant was unharmed.

"Elvis was bleeding and burned on a part of his hand and arm but he insisted he’d have it treated later. All he cared about was the condition of the mother and child.

"I heard from a nurse friend that Elvis visited the mother and child every day for a week and after he found out that the woman’s husband was a liquor store employee who was killed in a holdup two months earlier and that she had no money, he insisted on paying the entire hospital bill and even bought her a brand new car.

"He didn’t have any ulterior motive. In fact after that week was over, neither the mother or daughter ever saw him again."

When it comes to utilizing our God-given gifts to restore ourselves and others to wholeness in mind, body and Spirit, we on this world are but ‘babes in arms’. We are only now just beginning to move beyond the limitations we have set within our minds, and see our own powers revealed to us. These are the same healing forces Elvis stirred within people, so anyone may access them of their own accord. Jesus knew this when he told an ailing world that the ‘miracles’ He performed where but a natural inheritance of our spiritual beingness. The way He had put it was, "All this ye can do, and more, if ye but believe".

Elvis Presley:

"I like to think of myself as a bridge on which people can travel and leave their troubles behind"


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