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From ‘New Age Bible Interpretations’, Volume I - by Corinne Heline:

"The candidate who had become an Initiate was found worthy to enter into the presence of Osiris and to be numbered among the followers of Horus forever.

"‘Companions of Horus* are mentioned in earliest Egyptian texts as ‘sky people,* said to refer to inhabitants of the mighty constellation of Orion.

"Knowledge concerning celestial intercommunication between high initiates upon Earth and beings far off in stellar space was taught by Atlantean priests and passed on to their neophytes and disciples in the early days of colonization in Egypt."


The Legend of Horus, The Sun King, From Murry Hope's 
‘The Way of the Cartouche*:

Horus is rather like a young, handsome prince in a children*s story who is cheated of his inheritance and has to regain his kingdom through his own wisdom and prowess. He is raised among ordinary folk, has no social or cultural advantages, and is aided in his quest through gathering an understanding of their feelings, sufferings and skills. During the years of learning and trial, he is sustained by the care and wisdom of his devoted mother. When he is deemed ready he is able to go forth and right the wrongs of the past, free the oppressed, and restore peace, order and harmony to the land.

"Legend tells us that Osiris guided Horus from heaven, always keeping in touch with him in visions, dreams and mind-to-mind communication. One day Osiris decided to test his son with the question, ‘What do you consider to be a just and fair task in life?* To which Horus replied, ‘Helping Mother and Father in ill plight.* The answer much pleased Osiris and thereafter Horus became patron of the family and home.

"Horus was portrayed as a very handsome and charismatic personality and because of his own frailty as a small child, which he so successfully overcame, he was looked to as the giver of physical healing and protector of the young and weak.

"Although all the arts were sacred to him, music was his special love. Because of his symbol, the All-Seeing Eye, many designate him the god of prophecy and therefore the patron of oracles.

"There is an ancient prediction that he will one day return to re-establish the kingdom of his father, when the Golden Age will be restored and the lion will lie down with the lamb. This is referred to by some mystics as the Aeon of Horus and is popularly believed to come about during the Aquarian Age."

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