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"Power of Earth, combining bird and serpent as matter and spirit, breath of life, supernatural power, magic, strength, wisdom, knowledge, guardian."

"In the lore of the British Isles, the most prominent dragon is, of course, the mythic king Arthur Pendragon. In Chinese cosmology, there are four Ao, or Dragon Kings (Qin, Kuang, Jun and Xun), each with his own elemental domain. In Korean legend, virtuous serpents eventually become dragons when rising into heaven, ascending a rainbow. "


"The peacock's feather in all ages has been considered as a sign of beauty and knowledge; beauty because it is beautiful, knowledge because it is in the form of an eye. It is by keen observation that man acquires knowledge."

"The Peacock's tail stands apart in the five stages and represents entering into the inner experience of the astral world, transformation and the purification."

"The peacock is a protective and powerful bird. Much mystery and mysticism surround this magnificent creature. This special animal touches many cultures, from the Native American to the Egyptians, Hindus, Greek Mythology, and even Christianity.

To the Native Americans, the peacock most closely describes the phoenix - the bird who dies in the fires of life and is ressurrected from its own flames and ashes - and thus is related to immortality. It is also seen as a symbol of fertility and potency. Due to the many eyes in its feathers, it is also associated with wisdom, visions, and heightened watchfulness.

The Egyptians seem to have the most correlations for the peacock. It was linked to the worship of the sun god, Amon-Ra, held sacred (second only to the ibis) for its ability to destroy poisonous snakes, and associated with the all seeing eye of Horus.

For the Hindus, it was associated with hindra, the god of thunder who transformed into a peacock to escape the demon Ravana, thus being endowed with 100 eyes.

In Greek Mythology, the goddess Hera found the watchman, Argus, sleeping on duty. When he was killed, Hera placed his eyes on the peacock - her favorite bird.

Even in Christianity, the peacock is used to symbolize the death and resurrection of Jesus."






Robes of Light -The Costumes

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Elvis’ clothes were so drab and un-glorified, when hanging on a hanger the material was even ugly! But when he put them on - WOW! And when he walked on stage, my gosh - his clothes even took on a radiance, ‘glory’, as he called it - he shone head to toe and it was not just the lighting! It was from inside him.

He liked the prehistoric birds as he called them-they were the Egyptian symbols for "life" and used in the tombs where royalty was buried and they had the "honor" of looking after them and protecting them from harm etc; he said and that they "carried their spirits up to the sun God whom they worshipped" but he said the Sun God was actually the infinite all mighty wisdom and power of the Father of the Universe...known as our Lord and God the Father. Those suits were so beautifully detailed-all of them were but it seemed that the ones he wore in 76,77 were the most meaningful as far as spiritual messages go of any he wore. Especially so, the Sun Dial Suit that was the last one he specifically wanted done-it took a year to do nearly, and there was another that was in the works but never got to the decorating stage. It's too bad that the sketches he made for it were not displayed -at least not when we were at Graceland in 80. There were some drawings there...but they did not depict the last suit and I can't recall what he called it or what it was to have on it and it was not no transcripts either. It was very, very spiritual and came from the Bible-that's all I can recall now...he hadn't quite got everything in that he was trying for-but they were going to be royal blue and white and was going to have lots of colorful jewels and rhinestones and religious symbols from several different cultures all of them to send a message to those who saw them-especially those receptive to the message-he said. And that he was the "light bearer"...what that meant, I do not have a clue now. - Wanda June Hill

One image of Elvis himself in performance was of the great high priest. His highly decorated costumes bore many similarities to the vestments of the priest presiding at the Catholic mass. Had he been standing behind an altar, his high collars and the spectacular designs on his white jumpsuits could have been mistaken for the garb of a priest celebrating the eucharist. He was announced on stage by the music of Richard Strauss which was composed to stimulate in the imagination of the listener the awe and majesty of the ancient middle-eastern Zoroastrian priesthood....In Exodus Chapter 28, the Bible tells of the founding of the old Jewish priesthood by Moses: ‘Tell all the craftsmen whom I have endowed with skill to make the vestments for the consecration of Aaron as my priest....using gold, purple, and scarlet yarn; and fine linen....two chains of pure gold formed into ropes.’ - Ted Harrison from Elvis People - The Cult of the King

Some of Elvis’ most impressive and intricately designed suits were: his peacock suit, with varying shades of blue, the jeweled, feathered design trailing down his pants legs; a fabulous tiger inspired by his martial arts philosophy, and the fiery oriental dragon, which also came from the symbology attached to the ancient spiritual concepts embodied in martial arts. One of his suits displayed a modified rainbow in shades of blue; another, the entire Aztec calendar in gold upon the front and back of the suit. There was also his American Indian jumpsuit, and one with the symbols of East India upon it. - Ed Parker from Inside Elvis

Symbolic interpretations of some of the more esoteric images on Elvis' jumpsuits:



































The royal bird of prey, flies nearest to the sun and has keen vision. Abides in lofty, remote eyrie, descends to earth, catches quadrupeds and ascends to the greatest height of all birds.

Macrocosmically - The highest spiritual principle in Creation, the threefold Deific Principle which observes all. The kingly aspect of the Divine.

Microcosmically - The triple, kingly Ego able to contact the Monad (the sun), able also to descend into the personality (a quaternary or 'quadruped'), seize its consciousness and elevate it near to the Monad, the sun. The eagle is the most swift, strong, laborious, generous and noble of all birds.

SpiritEagle flies fearlessly, bridging heaven and earth, and teaches us to courageously face our fear of the unknown in order to fly as high as our heart's joy can take us.

The Latin name aquila for an eagle points to Ugro-Finnish origins. The Hungarian kvil is light; kivilagit is to illuminate. Greek aigle is a ray. Greek aetos, eagle, resembles Hebrew ayit, bird of prey. The Norse orn, eagle, lived on top of the world tree Yggdrasil. A squirrel, named Ratatosk, carried messages between the eagle and the snake at the foot of the tree.

Sculptured eagles were used as lightning conductors on buildings, as at Delphi.

Hebrew azniya is a kind of eagle. Reversed, this becomes ayin za. Ayin is an eye. The falcon was the lightning symbol of the Egyptians, and was associated with Horus.

The object appearing in Egyptian art and hieroglyphics and called the utchat, or udjat, was the eye of Horus or of Ra.

The osprey, a bird of prey like the eagle, was in Latin sanqualis. As with the eagle, the Romans watched its flight. The name may incorporate sankh; the radiation of the god was thought to give life.

The eagle was the chief of the birds symbolizing the lightning god in the sky.





















































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