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Robes of Light - page 3

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Elvis had strong memories of having been incarnated in Egypt. Elvis had a past life reading done at the Edgar Cayce Foundation, in which they also confirmed his Egyptian past lives, saying that it was no coincidence that his home was in 'Memphis', a city name after the ancient Memphis of Egypt.

read his Egypt letter


Elvis' Cherokee ancestry prompted him to pay homage to the Native American with this design.


A symbol of good fortune, overcoming obstacles and happiness. Elvis loved Hawai'i and spent time there whenever he could. Hawai'i is famous for it's frequent and beautiful rainbows.  The ancient Hawaiians called themselves 'The Children of the Rainbow'.

"The rainbow itself is a profound symbol, though here we can consider its quality of being like the colored ribbons associated with the maypole dance or the colored ribbons on the original caduceus (which also find expression in the red, white, and blue lines on the traditional barber's pole). The rainbow is also associated with flight and presents a winglike quality when it is bisected. In the tradition of Voodoo, one finds prominent connections between rainbow and serpent; among the Australian Aborigines, the rainbow serpent (with a host of different names, depending on language and region), is the most important figure in the Dreamtime. According to some variants of the Dreamtime myths, it is the primary creator of geological features that linger in the mundane world."

(known as the "Gypsy" suit)

"He said these were the hands of a healer. and said if you hold your hands in front of you, lined up with the chakras of the heart, one hand on each side with the thumbs not touching, you would feel the energy in your hands-that's healing energy he said, it's divine energy.

That suit also had many other things on it, symbols etc: and then the belt as well. The long strings of "light" as he called it represented eternal fire."  - Wanda June Hill




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