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Robes of Light - page 4

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(known as the "Sundial" suit)

“According to the advanced galactic science of the ‘ancient’ Maya the dates August 16-17, 1987, are precise calibration points in a harmonic scale that make the moment when the process of global civilization can phase out of a myth of progress into a myth of synchronization and global cooperation... It should be noted that the dates of August 16 and 17, 1987 are also recognized by various Native American and South American medicine people as a significant moment, particularly in terms of the prophecies of the ancient Mexican god-hero, Quetzalcoatl*, the Plumed Serpent.” - Arguelles, author of ‘The Mayan Factor’

The Mayan Calendar suit was worn by him on his last concert tour. He died exactly 10 years (a solar number) before the date of the Harmonic Convergence mentioned by Arguelles in the quote above.

This solar symbol for Elvis embodied his feeling that he was a 'solar child', his whole life having strong associations with the sun...including, as he pointed out to Wanda Hill, his first recording done at Sun Studios in Memphis.


The energy of cosmic consciousness bursting into the universe...the Logos or Divine Word emanating forth from the Cosmos.


The Inca were mystical people who it is believed by certain researchers to have been descended from the Lemurians and Atlanteans. Their oral history tells of a marvelous golden sun disk that was housed in a temple where the city of Cuzco in Peru now stands. When the Spanish invaded their lands, they sequestered the sun disk in a cavern somewhere. It has never been found. Many think this disk to have originally come from Lemuria.

Elvis was very drawn to the sun and it's images and symbols. He was also an avid reader of the 'Sleeping Prophet' Edgar Cayce, who channeled information on Lemuria and Atlantis.



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