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 To quote Wanda June Hill's letter to me concerning Elvis’ visions of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx:

“Elvis said the pyramid (Giza) was a landing base and had rooms etc., laid out so as to effect a non-gravity base for space ships and people to 'transform'. He said someday they’ll learn this. The Sphinx was a part of a chain of ‘transformers’ for this purpose and had several chambers no one’s seen (in known history). The foot of it contains a large ‘plate’ of precious metal and stones and is a ‘conductor’ for this special magnetic force field. He said in my (Wanda’s) lifetime (he did not say in his!) they’d locate this. The Japanese have done so but don’t yet know what it is. He also spoke of the Mexican and South American pyramids being part of a ‘grid’ for this force field.”

The following is from a letter sent by Elvis in 1970 to a friend whom I shall call Alice, and her husband whom I shall call Roy:

“So, Alice, I’m going to Vegas, if you and your family would like to come and see us there it’d be nice. Let Joe know and after the show we could get together. I’d like to talk to you about transference of thoughts. I’ve tried it and had some success - it would appear to me that I am a sender as well as receiver. I’ve had better luck sending, however. Stanley’s book helped me, I think you’d like it and I have a copy for you. Roy won’t mind if we talk; I'll ask him, not you. It would be nice if I could have some time away from everything but not now, not here. Besides that, I have some personal problems with it too, Priscilla doesn’t enjoy anything of that type. You have a good man in Roy, he does understand us.

“Alice, I’ve been thinking about the Egyptian trip and I really want to go. If I can work it out with my schedule count me in! God, to see the temples and walk again on the same steps! It sends me! I want to see the lions again, go inside them. I guess that’s impossible now though, but maybe I could remember. I remember so much, have lost so much, but with you there I could, I know it. I want to go so much it hurts, but you understand that, don’t you? I have dreams, dark places and hidden steps down and tunnels with oil lamps on the walls and boxes, long boxes with grain and many golden figures around them. I dream of blood, spilling out, flowing over my feet and staining the hem of my robe and of screams and cries and black hoods and flashing knives. Swords they be, with cutting edges and points and oh, the blood is everywhere. God, it chills me. I feel I did it. I wake up wet, cold and shaking and so sick at heart and I am filled with sorrow for the lost souls and the agony I caused. Could it be so? Am I he? Is this why I feel such a debt to the people I play to? Do I owe them this joy, this pleasure because I took so much? Is this my way of atonement? I do not know, God, I do not know! Alice, help me find out if you can. I have done all you said to do and I’ll be ready to let you take me back. My life, Alice, is yours, guide me through and please make me see the reasons.

“I’ll look forward to seeing you soon, and Roy also. I have something he’ll like - from the game! Don’t mention this to any of the guys or all is lost for us. I won’t say a word here...Always, Elvis”


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