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Writings of Elvis Presley


My Vow, I promise to try to live a pure life, to practice faith, to seek perfection, to meditate daily. To practice abstinence and free my body from lusts of the flesh to the best of my ability. Elvis Presley

see handwritten version


He tries to describe the loves he cannot become, failing the wildest dreams of the mind, and settling for visions of God. But remember him, do not forget, because in forgetting, he will loose even memory of life.


Dear Wanda my friend, You remember the first time I talked with you. I can recall thinking how nice it was to talk to someone who sounded like I used to sound and that you were sweet and innocent and nervous. I thought then how much I was going to enjoy knowing you and your family. I felt this ugly thing called jealousy because of your child when I saw her. I wanted her for my own, just because she was so loving and I wanted that loving for myself. Listening to you talk about your family life and your husband made me want that kind of relationship too. I never met many married people in California that were happy in marriage until I met you and then some of your friends. I guess it is true about the people you run with influencing your life. Mine has had its bad influences all the way. But I wanted to write to you and tell you that I have enjoyed knowing you and your friends this past year and a half most of all. I have never regretted meeting any of them and I have not one time wished that I did not have you for a friend. I could and feel I will be able to trust and enjoy an open relationship with you and with many of the people that befriend you and your family. I think that is a blessing from heaven and I treasure it.

Remember when you came to the lot at M.G.M. in the spring of 1963 and I asked you to have lunch with me?.....I hope that you don't change as you grow older and more successful. I want to tell you that life is nothing without trust and love and good friends. It is nothing without family and loved ones. And you can not replace them once they are gone. I know. Believe me. Love them and take care of them and never regret the things required of you by them. For that is what life is about. Loving and caring.

Love, Elvis P.

P.S. If I have done anything to harm or hurt you over the past few years please forgive me for it. I know you have worried about me and spent a lot of time trying to help me, and it did. I would like you to remember me and to help others to do the same. But I don't have the right to ask for a thing. So I'll just hint real loudly, alright?


I guess I am born in the wrong time period as I am out of step with my peers and the expression of my emotions. They hold everything in and suffer and I let it all come to the surface and suffer. I think its hard both have openness is good I guess. Gooder, as Lisa would say, gooder and gooder. You're a better judge than I about these type things. You asked me if I remember you. I do. I remember that early morning when we stood on the balcony and watched that Vegas Sunrise and that air was crisp and you said you loved Wintertime best. I looked at you and your eyes were like the morning glories growing around the back of our old house in Tupelo and it made me cry, and you thought I was sick, but it was just the beauty of that time...and you. So I do, and I will never forget. Just remember me in return.

Love ya,

Elvis Presley

WRITTEN ON A PAPER NAPKIN (inside Elvis' copy of the book, "A Search for a Soul" by Jess Stearn & Taylor Cauldwell):

1) Psychic Abilities

a) able to "see" events

b) hearing acute

c) impelling force

d) filling (feeling?) of dangerous surroundings

e) certainly pray

f) constant search for peace

g) need for quiet

h) necessary to meditate

i) control emotions

k) control stress

l) control emotions

m) patience

n) fairightedness

o) teach others

p) love all

2) Things to Perfect

a) control of self

b) meditation

c) control temper

d) patience

e) more time of quiet

f) love of all races

g) relaxation

h) concern

i) love Priscilla

j) understand Daddy

k) wheight (weight?)

see handwritten version

FOR ALL MY FRIENDS - written by Elvis and sent to Wanda Hill at Christmas in 1974:

The times I've shared with you my friends, cannot be bought with money, promises or fame.

Though shallowness has become the trend,
I'm not the kind to play that game with those I hold so dear.

So I'm stating here and now for all of you to hear
and before I take my final bow.

It's your love that brings the song to me,
the melody of my soul is played by your love untold.
Without you I am nothing, and could never be so bold.
The times we've shared, the laughter and the tears.
Priceless memories, treasures all.
How could I ever fail?
With you I don't fear that at all.

- Elvis Presley, 1976

see handwritten version

The following treatise was on display at the Million Dollar Museum in Memphis, Tenn., August 1983. It was written by Elvis Aaron Presley.


It is designed so as to expose the ultimate in height and depth. To relate the strength and weaknesses of those who are willing to accept and are seeking a closer relationship with the Divine. In order to recognize and correct one's faults and be in step. To be capable of understanding the necessity of the changing times. To participate, to create, to express, appreciate, and to more fully understand his individual role in reaching the Divine God. For man to more fully understand and to determine his own destiny. The realization that Divine God is life itself. Upon being able to accept one's faults and weaknesses. To correct them in order to have a better understanding and to be capable of giving love and help to other human beings regardless of color or creed. To appreciate all people. The breaking down of barriers and recognizing individual traits. To be sincere in having the desire to show gratitude and appreciation for that which each individual has given to the world. You create a better understanding for yourself of life and the part you yourself and others play in this world. You are soon recognizing a brighter light within yourself. The sharing of that light with others and feeling the importance of stressing and / or distributing the Love and Will of God. For Christ, who gave life and hope and faith to the millions of people who have accepted His sacrifice and Ray of Life. He taught the love of God and the importance of the love of one another by keeping always the importance of expressing gratitude and respect for the greatest miracle of all -- life itself!

Written by Elvis in a Bible he gave to a friend:

ďGodís love is a warm glow, to hold your heart in troubles, and a beautiful, often exciting joy to light your world in times of in our Lordís word, and He will fill you with greatness, and your heart will sing always.Ē

The following was written by Elvis, found in a book belonging to him entitled ĎThe Light To Seeí, by J. F. DeVries. It is reprinted here by permission from Wanda June Hill from her private collection.

If I am but I, then who am I?
If I am a man, what man?
I believe I am many men as one man in this existence.
If so, then I am all men I have been and perhaps all
I am ever to be. As one is to all.
I am today all I ever was.
The past is my present as it is my future.
I have been before and will be again - who?
Elvis Presley

Also reprinted from Elvisí copy of ĎThe Light To Seeí, with the answers written into the book by him. The year was either 1976 or 1977.

Q: If there isnít any God, then what does man become?
Elvis: Non-existent substance.
Q: Do you think itís hard to be an atheist?
Elvis: One unable to see God has to be blind. All about us is proof in the birth and death of all living things.
Q: Do you see any danger in reading horoscopes, playing with Ouija boards, and dabbling in the occult?
Elvis: Yes, if not done in wisdom, and with Godís hand in yours. A worthy heart full of love for Godís truth is a protector.
Q: What does Deuteronomy 18:10-12 say about these practices?
Elvis: They are an abomination according to the OLD testament, but the NEW testament states Jesus gave divine wisdom of these certain things. Corinthians 12-31.(This was in Elvisí writing, we believe he refers to Corinthians I 12:12-31 which starting with verse 12 says; ďNow concerning spiritual gifts, I would not have you ignorant...Ē)
Q: Who do you think God is?
Elvis: My father in Heaven who has spoiled me rotten, because He loves me dearly. I would please him in all ways I may.

In 1976 Wanda June Hill suggested to Elvis that he try and put his feelings about life down on paper. He was hesitant at first, saying that he would not be able to. With her encouragement, however, he wrote about a day in the life of Elvis Presley, and sent it to her. The following is a condensation of this piece. When reading it, it is important to realize that at the time he wrote it, Elvis was in the last stages of terminal illness and great pain, and yet doing a series of 10 day concert tours with little time off between them.

A Day In The Life; When The Night Is Ten Days Long, by Elvis Presley - 1976

ďSometimes in the night I waken from a cold sweat and the shaking of my limbs. I try to remember where I am - another hotel room, the same as a thousand others yet different in color? Arrangement? No matter. I try to recall where? What city? State? Itís too hard so I fumble up the phone and ask the operator to get someone I know. She is so quick to please, so thrilled. ĎItís him!í I say the correct words of long habit and in comes Joe, Ed, Jerry - someone familiar.

ĎGood show boy, good show! Need anything?í he asks, smiling, smoothing my bed, he flutters through the ritual - please the man, give him what he wants. He tells me: ĎLinda, Sue, Mary, Maria - (whomever) is waiting in the other room:í Do I want her to come in? Yes - no - yes?

She looks at me in wide-eyed fear, yet total excitement. ĎGod - itís him! Iím really here - and itís him!í runs past her mind. I say all the words, pretend Iím interested in her, ask about her family and their interests. She willingly, eagerly plays the game I hurry through. Lord, all I want to do is sleep but she is so excited and so pretty to see. I lie trying to stop the involuntary trembling of my body. She notices and looks worried, her smile fades off and on. I say itís nothing, she says, ĎOhí I say, ĎPlease leave me to sleep until later.í Her eyes dim, she puzzles and then I see the doubt begin. I say she is pretty and I wish I werenít so tired, but - later, Baby. She leaves after kissing me and purring into my ear. God - Iím glad she left me alone. I try to sleep; I hurt all over, my head throbs and my eyes burn....

ďSometime later I wake up. She is sitting on the bed kissing me....I try to remember her name; I canít so itís ĎHoneyí. She quickly falls into the game, so practiced - but arenít they all? Lord, I hurt at the thoughts that come charging into my mind. Why? Why canít my whole world come back to me? My heart pounds in broken memory....Sheís....pretty and bubbly, chattering like a school girl. I flirt a little to see her sparkle. Theyíre so pretty, so cute; what can they believe they are doing - here with me?

ďShe sits beside me; I watch TV; talk a little on the phone to someone somewhere else, trying to pretend Iím like them. I need to forget, I need reassurance; I hope someday Iíll pretend long enough to make it come true. The time draws nearer, I think about the show, what songs, which suit, and talk with members of my group: James, Myrna, Charlie. Each one vital to me, important. I couldnít go on if they didnít support me. They know how I feel, they understand, but they donít really know me - not me - just him. But arenít we one? I wonder. I lie down for awhile; Iím so tired but I donít shake except inwardly and my hands tremble...

ďItís 45 minutes till show time and Iím ready. My heart pounds as we go down through the hotel. A woman grabs me and I drag her along until Lamar removes her like so much lint. In the car Iím singing, trying to loosen up. Backstage - all looks the same. I hear the crowd, I feel my flesh prickle and Iím sweating. My hands burn, knots inside tighten up. Someone tells me: ĎTurn left at the stage steps, five feet of prowl space in front of drums. A wild crowd low stage so stay back.í They start the intro, rush me out and Iím on fire as I step on the stage. God, the lights flash like a million fireflies in some giant fruit jar. The noise is a roar, solid. It lifts me out of my fears and I fill with love for them. I feel their love for me, hot, syrupy, flowing over and through me - I love the feeling. Lord, so good, so good. I sing. My life, my heart, my dreams, my hopes - everything in me, everything that I am comes pouring out, answering their love. They understand; they love me and share the night in one fantastic love affair. Inside, my soul soars, light fills me, blinding, brilliant, filling me until I can barely hear myself in the din, but I know this feeling. So good, so pure, so right for me, for them.

ďSweat is pouring off me and Iím so tired I tremble as Charlie tells me, ĎCut it - cut it now.í I say goodbye, the crowd groans disapproval. I donít want to leave them, to end this feeling, but I must. Itís too much - I canít take it so long anymore. I walk before them, trying to thank them, then off stage. A wild rush to the car and to the hotel. I canít remember leaving the stage, Iím so full of music I hear little else. I want to sing, so they sing along....They put me to bed; I wonít remember tonight tomorrow. Just one more day gone from my life. I sleep - and dream Iím someone else.Ē


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