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Elvis on Colors

Color plays an important role in the life spectrum. We associate RED with the devil. Why? It is a color of heat, of strife, of emotional turmoil, of energy-good and bad. It is related to sexual tension and sexual activity. It is the color of erotic passion and dreams. It is the color of blood, the life force, the energy transmitter of animal life and human life. It is the ultimate force color RED! Its name even emotes energy when spoken or when thought. It warms, in a room it provides warmth and passion, giving radiance to the setting.

YELLOW is control. It is the warmth of the Sun. It is comforting, yielding and encompassing. It is compassion, truth and trust and it is relaxing to the human physic. It is also the color of integrity and spiritual strength. It has a calming affect and is a family color.

GREEN is life…touching everything. It is comfort, security in the ever going life force. It is relaxing and soothing to the spirit and provides an atmosphere of sleep. It should be used in bedrooms and in places where serenity is desired.

PINK is compassion, it soothes. It relaxes the mind and tends to put one in a happy, youthful mood. It is related to females and makes the male more aware of the comfort women can provide. It is also the color of truthfulness and is often used in pictures related to The Christ.

WHITE is pure. Related to The Christ it is capable of pure energy. It is a “cool” color and yields to all others. It is spiritual and is the color of love.

BROWN is warmth, the earth and mothering. It is compassionate, soothing, nurturing and enveloping as the mother earth. It works best in cold atmospheres and lends its self readily. It is a female color.

BLACK is associated with death. It swallows every color up and is depressing to life. It can also be a strength color as it is the strongest color of the spectrum. When used with red or with yellow it provides contrast and creates great energy. Its depth bounces off lighter color and can draw magnetic force from them and channel it back. It is ageless and projects male strength and power. It is considered a dangerous color. It is masculine.

VIOLET is a spiritual color. It is a blended color and is The Christ love color. It should be used in the house of God and wherever one desires the peace and tranquility of spiritual love. It is a meditation color and gives the spirit strength.

BLUE is the color of the Heavens though what we see as being “blue” is reflections from various forms of debris in the atmosphere. Blue is a cool color and representative of Godliness, goodness and spiritual strength. Midnight blue of the night sky allows the pure reflection of the stars, giving anyone looking into the night an overwhelming sense of the magnitude of God’s Universe. Wearing light blue, various shades of blue gives one a sense of confidence, of being calm, cool and collected because it draws on the heavenly power.


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