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The following is a transcription from a tape made of Elvis speaking on spiritual subjects to a small group of people, mostly young women, in 1966:

There is a light brighter than anything we have ever seen on Earth and it is visible to those who are on the verge of dying. As they begin to leave their human flesh body they are given sight of this Heavenly Light. It is the Light of God and is a Light filled with a sense of warmth and belonging as no other, as not experienced on this planet Earth. It is greater than family belonging, or loved or lover belonging but is a oneness with God our creator. We are like the Light, only our light is so little in comparison and all the time spent on this Earth, our light being, our spirit self, longs for return to that one great brightness, that oneness with God.

The Light is representative of the sum total of all knowledge. From eons ago, it is held in some vast storage center and is given out to us in small lots, each lot equal to our understanding as we progress mentally and spiritually. Some of us never do progress and so we share little of that knowledge - others strive for education and growth and get more. Some - few, are born ready to receive the knowledge, yearn for it and wish wholeheartedly to obtain it. Then they become the educators for those who have not accepted or are not ready to receive without help. There are few here - not many, who are placed in positions of power - the ability to reach others - not power for obtaining possessions, etc. - who are meant to educate but who at times get side-tracked. They must come again and try over. Those few who do find their place and do try to achieve their aim here on Earth, do not have to try again, unless they wish to. Sometimes they come too soon, and have to make adjustments or perish. Sometimes they are unable to adjust and so cannot fulfill their aims for that reason, and then are not held responsible for that karma. Then there are a few who educate, do all they can to achieve progression of their souls by accomplishing a purpose for the good of all; they are the ones who enter a different plane when they return to Heavenís light. They achieve soul growth and are blessed of God.

Sometimes we meet people who shine - who seem to have a glow and whom we wish to be around because they brighten our own lives - not by material gains or such trivia but by their mere presence. We are attracted to them. They are the further progressed souls, and we know that so our soulís spirit wants to be near them as they are nearer to heaven or God than we are. Those who have that nearness are the ones that can reach people; people automatically love them, desire them, want their company, strive to be like them in some fashion and those are the beloved of people. It is of utmost importance that those nearer ones are of good quality and good morals and good hearts or they lead many to their doom. Like evil is black, swallowing up all light, they swallow up all good and take people with them into blackness. Blackness is hell - what we think hell would be; something we do not want physically, but imagine our delicate spiritual light beings thoughts about that - fear incarnate!

It would be foolish to say that it is not true that we are a creature like the light....the Bible says of Jesus, I am the Light and the Way. All ye who enter must enter this way. He tells us He is Light - as we are part of Him, His children, therefore we too, are Light - a being of fine particles of light - many colors - each of us have a light of color, of varied colors as is our personalities. We respond to those colors and thus we like this color or that, are comfortable in this or that and look better, etc. in that color or this one. Myself, I prefer blue and white. I like green and blue and I like them mixed with gold or yellow-gold because those are the colors of my light. I know this because I was told. I wonít tell you now how I was told, itís not important. To say more would confuse you today. But I am also to soon have lavender among my light - I know this and want it. To change colors you have to be spiritually ready to study, to expand your heart and soul and obey the laws of God. I hope to have reached that point but if not, Iíll try harder. God does not like lazy, shiftless and wicked people - he admires effort and determination and desire for good. Be good, do no evil thing to anyone or any living animal on this plane because if you do, you implant evil into your karma and sooner or later will have to atone, have to face it again in some form or other and it wonít be any easier the next time. Itís much easier to be good in the first place - atonement is a hell of itís own.

The Light I wanted to tell you of is Godís love, His understanding love for each of us and the knowledge he wishes to give us. Donít fear the brightness that comes to you in dreams, the colors you might see while asleep. And donít fear the feeling of being weightless in sleep or just before sleep - unless you are on drugs, then you can get in trouble and be filled with evil incarnate which is what happens to many of the poor souls in mental institutes - no one was there to help them. And if you have a dream which seems real, which you cannot explain but you feel strongly about, try to find someone to explain it. Examine it for answers to your problems. So many of us are filled with self and selfís wants that we donít hear or see the answers being given to us. Take the time to meditate, to ponder and think - your heart will tell you. It is the radio of God, our transmitter and receiver, so to speak. So turn it on and listen now and then.


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