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The Birthmark


The following passage is from Wanda June Hill:

“That cold January morning the woman’s first son came into the world lifeless, but as the man wept their loss the mid-wife cried out, ‘There’s another baby to come out here!’ Some minutes later the man went outside, raised his eyes to Heaven and thanked God for giving them one live child. As he turned back to the house, he saw streaming down from the sky a glowing blue light bathing the humble home where lay his wife and new born son. And the man said twenty-five years later, I knew Elvis had to be a special baby, he had the light of Heaven on him from birth. So said Vernon Presley of his famous son’s entrance into the world. That ‘special’ baby grew to be a unique and special man whose talent ranged far from mere entertainer to that of one who was gifted, beloved of millions and one never to be forgotten.

“I knew Elvis for fifteen years. He had a quality one could only call magical and of a special nature. I believed him when he said, I’m not from here, I came from up there, from the Blue Star. One day you’ll know that’s true.”

Several sources have told about the blue light which shone down upon the humble Tupelo shack the night of Elvis's birth, lighting his father's way to the well. It has further been stated that all the medicine bottles inside the house rattled violently on the shelves, several of them actually shattering. While the outside of the building was bathed in blue, the inner rooms were lit with a violet light. One can only imagine what must have gone through the minds and hearts of those who witnessed this event, keeping it largely a secret for the duration of Elvis's lifetime.

Such phenomena certainly fit the pattern of  'sacred births' throughout the ages. Those who are born to serve the masses in a unique way, beyond the normal role of leadership, have had situations of conception and birth that were far from normal in their circumstances. I do not imply here that Elvis was a 'god', but I do see his birth, life and death as paralleling other human beings who were destined as spiritual leaders in various degrees of brilliance. It would seem that select human souls are chosen in major cycles of planetary development, to enter into roles beyond their personal humanity. These souls are bestowed with a special grace. They are knighted to do battle with the dragons of our corruption, and emerge as symbols of the greatest good which we can and must strive to release from within ourselves.

One sign of a 'sacred birth' is often a special birthmark. Elvis had this, as did others of his generation before and after him (Elvis had spoken of this in private conversations with Wanda Hill). Generally such a birthmark is not present solely on the one of 'divine birth', but rather it appears in a somewhat similar form among members of the same family throughout the many generations, as a sign of the 'royal lineage. By “royal lineage” I intend to indicate that there are certain bloodlines which have genetics more conducive to supporting a being of much higher consciousness in its soul mission of planetary service than others. This does not mean that all souls incarnated within those genetics will be enlightened, or be beings of higher awareness. Conversely, there are many enlightened beings who have incarnated into ‘ordinary’ bloodlines, and many ‘ordinary’ beings that have incarnated into royal bloodlines. Such a lineage produces select individuals with a particular destiny. Due to differing karmic conditions many times those of these royal lineages are not consciously aware of their genetic heritage.

Elvis Aaron was born during what the Native Americans call a 'crying moon', which is a condition where the lower half of the moon is darkened, light appearing to stream from the upper half down to earth. This occurrence takes place only once a year. The birthmark Elvis said he had was a diamond shaped discoloration, bearing a cut-out upside-down bowl or crescent of normal pigmentation within the upper left hand corner of the dark diamond, eclipsing the left edge of the birthmark. The birthmark was on the upper thigh / groin area.

Quoting an abstract for an article in the’ Society for Scientific Exploration’s Journal’ Volume 7 : Number 4 : Article 4, Page 403 entitled ‘Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons’ by Ian Stevenson of the Department of Psychiatric Medicine, University of Virginia, School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia:

“...About 35% of children who claim to remember previous lives have birthmarks and/or birth defects that they (or adult informants) attribute to wounds on a person whose life the child remembers. The cases of 210 such children have been investigated. The birthmarks were usually areas of hairless, puckered skin; some were areas of little or no pigmentation (hypopigmented macules); others were areas of increased pigmentation (hyperpigmented nevi). The birth defects were nearly always of rare types. In cases in which a deceased person was identified the details of whose life unmistakably matched the child's statements, a close correspondence was nearly always found between the birthmarks and/or birth defects on the child and the wounds on the deceased person. In 43 of 49 cases in which a medical document (usually a postmortem report) was obtained, it confirmed the correspondence between wounds and birthmarks (or birth defects). There is little evidence that parents and other informants imposed a false identity on the child in order to explain the child's birthmark or birth defect. Some paranormal process seems required to account for at least some of the details of these cases, including the birthmarks and birth defects.”

While Elvis’s birthmark does not directly seem to correlate to the above circumstances, it can be extrapolated that if the scientific community has seen rather conclusive evidence that birthmarks can be an indication of past life occurrences, then Elvis’ birthmark could also be as result of the past service his soul has seen in service to God and humanity.

(Note: as of August, 2007 I received information I believe to have come from Elvis’s soul on an incarnation in which he received a spear wound to the thigh, killing him, and that the birthmark as at least in part, a result of this injury. See Psammetik-seneb, physician of Sais.)

We can draw a corollary here to some ancient myths and legends regarding this birthmark with it’s peculiar placement to further support the hypothesis that Elvis was a unique soul with a specific purpose for being here on Earth. If the birthmark is seen as a ‘wound’ (a greater expression of a blemish), then the ‘Wounded Thigh’ analogy can be used. The 'Wounded Thigh' or ‘Wounded King’ is an archetypal symbol. An archetype is an underlying pattern of consciousness generally existing within the subconscious or unconscious mind. Many of the ancient ‘gods’ are symbolic of certain archetypes. In our world we have a mixture of different categories of archetypes. There are those which are still pure and close to the divine mind, and others that are a product of divine mind and the human mind in varying degrees of mixture. Carl Jung identified many of the latter type of archetypes. These archetypes come to us in our dreams and visions to bring us a message in pictures. Through a basic understanding of archetypes we can begin to see the message more clearly, whether that message was given in the dream / vision state, or through a representative figure in society.

Myths and legends are rich with the presentation of archetypes to deliver their message. The stories presented within these myths and legends are designed so as to lead the recipient of the story into deeper aspects of their own un / subconscious mind and to a greater understanding of themselves and their world.

One meaning is that of someone appointed for spiritual service, whose body is wounded or maimed (also correlates with Elvis’ illnesses) in order to release illumination to the people. The concept here is that in order for world karma to be resolved there must be someone who is willing to ‘pay the price’ of suffering, to balance the energy deeds that have been tallied in imbalance within the world over time. This is a similar function to that which Christ served at a much higher level of experience. I feel that the birthmark on Elvis’ thigh is quite symbolic of the ‘Wounded Thigh / King’ representation within the myths and legends, especially when one considers what his life was truly like, and about.

The diamond in Elvis’ birthmark is a representation of the hermetic axiom, 'As Above, So Below', for it contains two triangles merging - one pointing to heaven and the other to Earth, indicating a reflection of the macrocosm in the microcosm, or the Greater Mystery of Spirit reflected in the Lesser Mystery of Life. The crescent is an image of the Goddess, the Magic Realm of Gaia, the Living Earth. These energies are expressed in love of the Earth, animals, humans, and all natural being. Certainly as you will see, Elvis lived and breathed love of all things.

The Merovingian Dynasty of France is said to have originated from the lineage of Jesus Christ. The kings of this dynasty reportedly all had mysterious birthmarks. Elvis's heritage was French, as well as American Indian, Scotch, Greek, and Jewish.

In the book, ‘The Glastonbury Zodiac’, by Mary Caine, she tells of a Jewish legend from the Middle Ages which is representative of the 'Wounded Thigh' myths and legends:

“The Hidden Name was secretly inscribed in the innermost recesses of the Temple, guarded by a sculptured lion. If, as was most unlikely, an intruder saw the name, the lion would give such a supernatural roar that all memory of it would be driven from his mind. But Jesus knew this, he evaded the lion, wrote the Name, cut his thigh open and hid it within the wound, closing it by magic. Once out of the Temple he re-opened the incision and took out the sacred letters.”

Lions, usually in pairs, were seen by the ancients as guardians of sacred knowledge. One only need to stand before Graceland, and see the two white lions poised in motionless command at the threshold, to envision the Temple Elvis had created (whether consciously or unconsciously) upon this site.

In mystical ways of thinking, everything that is known to us as part of our physical reality, is the result of energy in the unseen realms. In other words, one could use the analogy of the electricity flowing through the wires to light the light bulbs, or run the motor in your fan. One can not see the electricity, but it is there, and it has a definite result when it is directed to the physical device that makes use of its power. One also does not have to know how the electricity works within the devices to be able to throw the switch and turn them on. In much the same way this birthmark could be seen as a result of the power of the energy in the genetics and para-genetics (genetics carried over through reincarnation) of Elvis’s bloodline and soul respectively. As the body of Elvis formed in his mother’s womb, the energy present from these previous experiences perhaps left its signature upon the babe about to be birthed, that he might remember who he was. A mark of remembrance of times past, of the greatness he was here to express, of the Divine link his soul communion with God so exemplified.


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