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Lisa Marie - To Whom It May Concern

Q: Back in 1997, you did a video shown for an Elvis Tribute concert in Memphis where you’re doing a duet with your father on “Don’t Cry Daddy.” How did that come about

Lisa: I did that because I was tired of being some figure that just comes out, smiles and waves and leaves. I was asked to appear at the tribute concert. I said I’d come. I had this whole vision on this airplane. I think I was flying from New York to Florida and oddly enough I was in the bathroom (laughs) and I had this whole vision. I was gonna call David Foster and I knew the song. I was on the plane and I was thinking about it and I started getting emotional with of the idea. I definitely had that relationship with my father where I felt a lot of pain and I knew that song would be very meaningful. I loved the song. I called David Foster and told him he needed to produce this thing for me, that it was only a one-time deal. I’m not selling it, I’m not selling out but I just wanted to do something for the fans that night that was something special. David said he’d do it. That was kind of the beginning of the whole deal. It was only done for the fans for that one night. Believe me, that could have been packaged and sold. It actually turned out pretty good I thought.

Q: Lastly, you and your mom picked the songs that comprise the new Elvis By the Presleys CD. How about selecting a few songs by your father that resound strongly on a personal level?

Lisa: I love “How Great Thou Art” ‘cause that’s what I was around for. I love the earlier stuff, too. I was around and watched him record it and went to all the shows in the seventies. There’s a song called “It’s Over” that killed me. There’s a song called “Mary In the Morning” that I just love. There’s some obscure ones that were never singles. “Separate Ways” wasn’t paid nearly enough attention to as it should have been. It’s really beautiful. I love “Just Pretend,” that killed me. I also love “You Gave Me A Mountain” to

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