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Leaves of Elvis’ Garden
by Larry Geller

review by Maia Christianne Nartoomid

The sub-title of this book is The Song of His Soul. Certainly an apt description of what is inside the pages. Larry was Elvis’ hairstylist, but much more. He was a close friend and true confident - especially concerning Elvis’ driving quest for apprehending his spiritual purpose in life and becoming a more balanced and enlightened human being.

Before he met Elvis in the early 1960's, Larry was already well on the path of metaphysical spirituality and on many occasions, was able to become a well of inspiration and guidance for Elvis Presley. Elvis drank from that well without reservation.

I have read all of Larry Geller’s previous books on his experiences with Elvis and their spiritual questing together, and found them enriching. However, “Leaves of Elvis’ Garden” is in my opinion, a purer distillation of Elvis’ soul-seeking and it’s profound register in his heart.

The name of this book was inspired from one of Elvis’ favorites: “Leaves of Morya’s Garden.” In “Leaves of Elvis’ Garden” Larry quotes from this book:

“Reader, if you have not grasped–read again, after a while.
The predestined is not accidental,
the leaves fall in their time.
And winter is but the harbinger of spring.
All is revealed; all is attainable.”

Like it’s namesake, “Leaves of Elvis’ Garden” often approaches poetry in it’s simple expression of Spirit and of Elvis’ love of Spirit - a love greater for him than all the worldly riches he obtained in his life.

To me, the following paragraph from “Leaves of Elvis’ Garden” is a summation of Larry Geller’s calling to write this book...

“Who was this man who changed music and culture forever? It’s easy to see him as larger than life, a man of excessive talent and beauty and of excessive weakness. What you see isn’t always what you get. The Elvis I knew, the private Elvis, was an intelligent, thoughtful man who embarked on a lifelong quest for meaning and enlightenment. I was privileged to share that journey with him. It’s a journey he wanted me to share with you.”

“Leaves of Elvis’ Garden” does just that. If you have read any of Larry’s other books on Elvis, you will not find this one simply a re-rendering of what he has written before. In “Leaves” Larry has set aside much of the telling to allow you to experience the being of Elvis Presley. If you have not read the other Geller books, you will most certainly be opened to a new and truer dimension of Elvis Presley.

to order Leaves of Elvis' Garden go to Larry Geller's website

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