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My Personal Treasures

Autographed Match Book

This International Hotel match book was autographed by Elvis to Wanda June Hill.

Elvis' Scarf

Elvis gave me this scarf (handed it to me) from the stage in 1972.

Tiki Statue

It belonged to Elvis.


The earrings were gifted to me (and pairs like it to several others) by Wanda June Hill. the faceted crystals on them were taken from a bracelet that Elvis had made for her. They are Austrian Swarovski crystal. The little crystals like it near the earrings Wanda gave me years ago. They are from the same crystal-type and faceting, but came from one of Elvis's suits instead. There is also one small pearl in the photo from Elvis's pearl rope suit.

Wanda: You can order lots of them (Swarovski crystal) -BUT they do not have any more that are cut like the ones that were on the bracelet Elvis bought. I have tried to find some of those cut that way and was told they don't cut them anymore and go for the more modern cuts etc: and diamond cuts. They also no longer have any crystal to cut from the cave that those shaped crystals were cut from-they were natural nature made crystal deep in some cave and when the vein was cut out, there was no more of that quality.

Elvis Scarf - more info / Tiki Statue - more info / Swarovski Crystals


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