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Why did Elvis Aaron Presley, Superstar, who could have picked from any number of people in the world, choose to be by friend? I have asked that question of myself thousands of times during the years. Elvis was as close as our telephone, as near as Los Angeles, Palm Springs or Las Vegas, and after he died, I continued to ask – why me?

In 1980 Maia Christianne Nartoomid (then Christine Hayes) wrote to me after reading the book complied by myself, several members of my family and some friends, all of whom had a personal relationship with Elvis Presley. I answered her letter, she wrote again and we began corresponding off and on over a couple of years. She sent me several booklets which she published that contained various information given to her through a type of channeling, most of which was out of my realm of understanding. However, as I continued to read these materials, I realized that many of the things she wrote about, Elvis mentioned to me, and some of what she said, closely followed what she was relating in her works. It was as if a light had suddenly been turned on in my memory, almost as if he were speaking to me again.

At first, knowing of his sincerity and of the ridicule and disdain he had received concerning his metaphysical interests from those closest to him during his last years of life, I was hesitant to reveal anything he had mentioned to me about it. I didn’t want to bring further disrespect to his memory. But as Maia’s and my own trust and friendship grew, I felt compelled to tell her what he had related to me, and once I began it poured out as if that were the intent all along. Maia immediately began putting together a book based on her knowledge and Elvis’ impressions and wisdom gleaned from this spiritual quest and that of his own experiences, both during his life as Elvis and the many past lives which he felt he had lived...and which Maia’s channeling source could recount as well.

Amazingly, what he had told me and what her sources revealed matched in many ways, explaining why Elvis was Elvis and why so many people of all ages and circumstances, felt and still feel, such a report with him.

Somehow, Elvis knew that in time I would pass on the things that meant so much to him, and so he “seeded” my mind knowing that time would bring fertile ground in which to plant those seeds. Maia did just that, collecting and compiling information which she put into her book, Magii From the Blue Star. However, as with all living things, there needs to be a third ingredient for life to continue – in this case, the spiritual water necessary for Maia’s book on Elvis to begin to grow into perspective came in the form of her husband Simeon’s understanding and his unique ability and from-the-heart-desire to formulate her work into it’s masterful conclusion in Blue Star Love ~ From Elvis' Heart to Yours. In doing this work, Maia and Simeon have given Elvis what he truly desired – a chance to share his thoughts, his knowledge and beliefs with everyone who would like to know the “real Elvis,” the man behind the myth. Now, I understand and I am at rest with my own question – why me? Thank you, Maia and Simeon.

Wanda June Hill


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The book We Remember, Elvis by Wanda June Hill
(2nd Edition includes additional transcribed sections of the "Interview Tapes")
We Remember, Elvis - Book Reviews

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