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The Elvis in My Life
by Wanda June Hill, December 12th, 1989

Elvis entered my life at a time when I was in a dark place from which I could not escape, and he brought a light that gave warmth and understanding like none I had experienced in my twenty-three years of life. Knowing him was a joy, being able to be in his presence was entertaining, but the most important aspect of knowing him was that I awakened inwardly, spiritually, and in doing so became a new person. One who can see others for what they are capable of being, and thusly, I am less judgmental and more patient.

To me Elvis Presley was a “savior”. One who restored my faith in God’s love, and one who taught me that though life is to be treasured, death would be nothing to fear. Jesus, the Christ taught love - Elvis Presley was, and his memory still is, that love in this physical world.

When I think of Elvis, I remember the smile that made his eyes light up and that gave his face a shining glory that brightened even a dark, rainy day. I remember a voice that purred rather than rumbled, that caressed and nurtured when I was depressed or worried. I am filled with thankfulness for the love he shared so freely and I am proud to have been his friend, one that he felt comfortable with, enough so that he shared some of his inner most thought and wishes (with).

I want more than time on this earth to show the people he loved so much, just how kind, understanding and truly sincere he was during his life on this planet. It is my heartfelt desire to help end the lies, misrepresentations and fabrications told about Elvis and to restore him to his rightful place of honor in our world’s history. If I could somehow let them see the memory of his eyes glistening with tears, set in a face filled with heartfelt concern and the desire to help his fellow human beings, I know the world would rally together and put an end to the destructive force on earth today.

My Elvis was living, breathing love, sent here by an all-knowing God who designed his physical form to be that which millions of people would find prodigious beyond words or understanding. Elvis Presley - a piece of heaven shaped like a man.

Wanda June Hill


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The book We Remember, Elvis by Wanda June Hill
(2nd Edition includes additional transcribed sections of the "Interview Tapes")
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