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Love & Marriage


"Iíve learned a hard lesson beginning when I was pretty young - 19 or so, and that is nobody is going to wait around for long unless there is some sharing, something between you that bonds emotionally, be it just the fun, sense of humor, or having something in common to share. So I try to give back something that they need, want, in my relationships - it makes it so much better for both of us and I enjoy knowing that they understand Iím not just using their time for amusement. Itís nicer when I take the time to get to know them, to understand where their head is at and build up a sense of caring, of loving that person. Thatís what itís all about really, loving each other."

"I feel that if you canít control sex - the physical impulse for sex - then you canít control anything in your life. You cannot let your body - itís desires - rule you. It cannot master your mind, your heart. If you allow it, then all is lost. Sure I have desires...but by damn, I am the master of my body. I am the deciding factor and I rule. The day comes that I canít, then Iím dead. There is more to life than flexing muscle and I intend to follow a code of honor in my life - thatís important. My self-esteem, my feelings of self-worth and living with my heart and conscience. Life is too short to waste in vain regrets." ~ ELVIS


"Elvis was faithful to me during our marriage. I cheated on him. He passed a lie detector test and until he learned of my indiscretions, Elvis never cheated. Only after I left him. Elvis was a loving, sincere man who respected his home and family. His career took him away from us and being so young and naive I thought wrongly that he just didnít care anymore. Had I known then what I do now about this business, I would have been more patient, more able to help him."

~ Priscilla Presley, from a California local TV show in 1987


"She was the best thing to ever happen to me - her and the baby. Itís a hell of a thing that one person can be so-so satisfied and then find out that it was all a lie - that the other person was unhappy and dying inside all that time - just putting you on for so long."

"I guess my favorite one (memory) now is when Lisa was born - when I first held her, you know? She was so-so tiny-precious and beautiful. I know all babies look beautiful to their parent, but she was-was special. I guess because I realized she was my child - mine to care for and-and it was a special feeling. It was that I realized it wasnít just me anymore - or Cilla. It was us - and they depended on me. I liked it."

"People in love they say, always tend to overlook the loved oneís faults, but I think itís more that they see them and love them too much to let it bother them. That to me, is what love really is - being willing to accept each other for what you and they are, regardless of flaws or inconsistencies, loving in spite of, instead of because of anotherís ways."

"You know, if you look into your childís eyes and they look back at you, you can easily see what trust really is - and itís scary, because they have such perfect love, without question they have faith - and thatís what we have to have, that kind of faith, when looking into our Fatherís eyes. Perfect trust - as a little child. It must be why God gives us children, as a teaching tool. A pity - is that so many parents donít take the time anymore, to really look into their childís eyes." ~ ELVIS


"I promise to be a father to my baby as long as I shall live; to love the Lord thy God with all my heart and soul and body, as best I can; to wish happiness for Priscilla; to hold no malice against no man as long as I live; to sing with the utmost of my ability, and bring happiness from singing and laughter, with love and joy." ~ excerpt from ĎThe Promiseí, written by Elvis at the time of his divorce, in 1974


In a television interview after Elvisí death, Priscilla Presley revealed the words Elvis had whispered into her ear when he hugged her in the courtroom that day of the divorce proceedings: Ďfor always and everí.


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