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A Testament of Light - The Last Years

Oh, Lord my God, when I, in awesome wonder,
consider all thy worlds thy hands have made,
I see the stars; I hear the rolling thunder,
They power throughout the universe displayed.
When Christ shall come, with shout of acclaimation,
to take me home, what joy shall fill my heart?
Then I shall bow in humble adoration,
and then proclaim my God, how great thou art!


They came to Las Vegas to see him still. From Ohio, New York and Texas they came. From Great Britain, Japan and India they came. From all over the world they came to “Sin City” in Nevada, U.S.A. with one single purpose in mind: to see, hear and hopefully touch Elvis, and to feel the love and universal kinship he offered them.

Terminally ill and in great pain he lay himself down as a bridge never-too-far for compassion and mutual love to cross over.

He was now a hostage of men whose greed blinded them to his beauty. They shoved his face into an ice bucket of astringent until he coughed and sputtered, sucking the solution into his lungs. They cared only that he was now conscious enough to go on stage.

Yet on that stage, surrounded by gambling casinos and prostitution, and all manner of degenerate allurement to the darker side of humanity, he looked up and those seated before him; and he smiled the smile of an angel. He radiated the love of a beloved brother, and all was simple and graceful and that moment.

There he stood like a sacred white stone in the Garden of Allah, sweat pouring off him in a libation of holy water from the vials of the gods.

He paused in the quiet he had created with a glance. He bowed his head for an instant, and then raised his face to the heavens beyond the plastic Vegas showroom. His eyes caught sweet celestial fire. He parted his lips and sang “How Great Thou Art” and the trueness of the sound sent a shaft of light through the heart. His voice rose trembling, powerful. His hand lifted and curved upward in the single spotlight, reaching above his head, his eyes following it like a beacon above a stormy sea. “Oh my GOD, how GREAT thou art!”. Such a cry of the awakened soul! An anthem of spirit returning to Source. He was now in the moment, whole, complete and beyond form, disease and suffering....and SO WERE WE. He took us with him on that golden wave of his hand, lifting us gently, surely into the sunrise above the shore. Every tremulous note from the core of his being contained us and assured us that what he saw we would see with him. What he knew absolutely and without a doubt was THERE, beyond the veil, so we would know with such certainty as well.

Surely in that moment, the angels descended into the cauldron of this lost city that never sleeps - a lair of the Beast, to reveal that there is no “evil” anywhere when the being is full of LOVE. I know this to be true. I was there to witness the miracle of Elvis in the Lion’s Den (for the last time, in 1975). I know it remains true even now, 31 years later. Evil is only a perception, a shadow cast by the absence of Love, of Light, of Beauty. The only true thing is that God is all and is in all. Elvis knew this. He lived it and he gifted it to us in a master stroke at a time in his life that should have been his darkest hour. It was his lasting Testament of Light.

- Maia Christianne Nartoomid, January, 2006



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